[155] [355] [651] Sachtler Ace Tripod Kit

Instructions for operating the Sachtler Ace Tripod.

Table of Contents

Repacking the Tripod


  • Collapse tripod to original position.
  • Leave tripod arm loose.
  • Make sure to put tripod head toward the top of the bag (see graphic inside bag for guidance).
  • Zip the bag all of the way shut.

Tripod Features

  1. Pan Lock
    • It is good practice to only open the pan lock when ready to shoot.
  2. Pan Resistance
    • Controls force required to perform a camera pan (helps smooth out motion).
    • It is good practice to set to 1 until ready to shoot, adjust as necessary when shooting.
  3. Tilt lock
    • Should be locked at all times, unless adjusting framing or performing a camera tilt.
    • If loosening, must have hold on tripod arm.
    • tiltlock
  4. Tilt Resistance
    • Controls the amount of drag when performing a camera tilt.
    • Should be set to 1 or higher unless necessary for performing a fast camera tilt.
    • tiltresistance
  5. Tilt return
    • Controls how much force is required to move tripod tilt away from level position.
    • tiltreturn

Setting Up Tripod

  1. Remove the tripod from the tripod bag.
  2. Make sure the metal spikes on the ends of the legs are retracted by screwing the red plastic feet over them.
    tripod spikes
  3. Loosen lock on tripod arm.
  4. Pull legs apart.
  5. Adjust leg height as desired. Start with top locks, use bottom locks if necessary (If performing this step with a camera on the tripod, a second person should be present to assist).

  6. Adjust leg width/spread as desired by unlocking spread brace.
  7. Lock tripod arm in desired position (Arm should be extended away from lens, refer to the arrow on baseplate track for lens direction).
  8. Lock off tilt in level position.
  9. Set pan resistance to 1 until prepared to shoot.
  10. Loosen pan lock (Steps 8-9 help prevent tripod and camera from falling over if tripod arm is accidentally bumped).

Leveling the Tripod

  1. Hold the tripod with your non-dominant hand for stabilization.
  2. Unscrew triangular tripod head lock (located between tripod legs).
  3. Shift tripod head until leveled (see leveling meter on operator side of tripod).
  4. Lock off triangular tripod head lock.

How to secure GH5 to tripod

  1. Verify baseplate track lock is unscrewed.
  2. Slide camera down track with lens in direction of arrow.
  3. Lock the baseplate track lock to secure camera.

Removing Camera from Tripod

  1. Place hand on camera grip.
  2. Unscrew tripod base plate lock.
  3. Press + hold red tripod base release button.
  4. Slide camera toward back of tripod until free.

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