[155] [355] How to Reset Panasonic GH5 camera settings

Guide to resetting class-designated GH5 camera settings


Almost all modern digital cameras (including the Panasonic GH5) allow you to customize your camera's settings and save them to a file. The advantage of doing so is that you can restore these exact settings at any point in the future. There are a number of reasons why your camera's settings may have changed on you: its internal battery died, you changed settings and can't remember which ones, the student before you changed everything and you're lost (oh no! but fear not).

What you'll need

  • Computer (laptop or desktop)
  • USB card reader
  • SD card

Copy settings from web to SD card

  • Open this document on a laptop or desktop computer. You could use one of the Hamel suites if you do not have immediate access to a computer.
  • Insert your SD card into the USB card reader.
  • Open the SD card folder when it appears on the Desktop.
  • Download this file.
  • Unzip the file and open the folder. Inside the main folder is another folder "AD_LUMIX."
  • Move/copy the "AD_LUMIX" folder to the root SD card folder. If one already exists, overwrite or delete it.
  • Safely eject the SD card from the computer.

Load settings from SD card to GH5 camera

  • Insert SD card into camera (make sure SD card isn't locked).
  • Power camera on and press the "Menu/Set" button.
  • Navigate using the camera dials to the Wrench icon (without the "C" superimposed).
  • Scroll down and select "Save/Load Camera Settings."
  • Select "Load Settings."
  • Select "COMMARTS"

The settings should now be set. It may return you to a black screen—to get back to main display, press "DISP" button.



The SD card must be inserted into Slot 1 in the camera, otherwise the Save/Restore Camera Setting option cannot be selected and the following message will show.

Troubleshooting/Common Problems

  • I put camera settings on card, but I do not see "COMMARTS" when I go to load them onto the GH5 camera.
    It is likely that you failed to put the "AD_LUMIX" folder into the root directory of the SD card. Reinsert the SD card into the computer card reader, and click on it when it appears on the Desktop. If you do not see "AD_LUMIX" when the SD card folder pops up, you know you have failed to put the settings in the proper place.

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