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Adobe Connect - Important Service Changes Coming (June 30, 2012)

Posted: 13:50:19, Wednesday, Apr 11, 2012   Expiration: 13:50:19, Monday, Jul 2, 2012

Important changes to the Adobe Connect web conference service at UW-Madison will occur on June 30, 2012. Please select the title of this news item for details.

UW-Madison is in the process of implementing the Blackboard Collaborate (Collaborate) web conferencing service, which offers a comparable feature set to Adobe Connect. There are notable advantages to using Collaborate:

  • UW System Administration entered into a three-year contract for Collaborate that provides unlimited use for anyone in the UW System through June 30, 2014
  • the cost for UW-Madison's portion of the license fee allows the service to be fully subsidized
  • the UW community will use a common platform for collaborating with peers
  • available integration with Learn@UW and Moodle
  • there is no imposed limit on the number of concurrent participants
  • Blackboard Collaborate offers easy-to-use features on a platform that provides universal access

FAQ: What does this change mean to me?

Will I be able to continue to use Adobe Connect?
Yes, however, we encourage you to consider switching to the Collaborate web conferencing service, which will be fully supported by DoIT. If you have specific needs that preclude Collaborate as an option, you can renew your existing license through the DoIT Tech Store (software@doit.wisc.edu or 608-262-7253).

When does my Adobe Connect license expire and how do I renew it?
Licenses expire at the end of the fiscal year - June 30, 2012. Please contact the DoIT Tech Store to renew your license through June 30, 2013 (software@doit.wisc.edu or 608-262-7253).

Will I continue to receive support for Adobe Connect?
Yes, for issues that occur while a meeting is being conducted, contact Adobe Support directly. General inquiries or questions regarding use of Adobe Connect or product features can be directed to GetConnect, an Adobe Gold Solution Partner and Authorized Connect Reseller. The DoIT Tech Store will fulfill requests for licenses (see previous question) and the DoIT Help Desk can direct you to the appropriate source of support, if assistance is needed.

The articles hosted by the custom Adobe Connect Knowledgebase will remain available, although the information will not be updated or maintained.

How do I retain archives of previously recorded meetings?
Meeting recordings can be exported through a fairly simple, yet time consuming, process. Instructions on how to export recordings are available in the KB (link). If you need assistance, the staff at the Digital Media Center (DMC) are available to help you. Call the DMC at 608-265-4817, email at dmc@doit.wisc.edu, or stop by at 420 Henry Mall (Biochemistry), Room B1131. Scheduling an appointment is suggested, but not required.

How do I download files or content from my meeting?
Any content that you've previously uploaded into your meeting space should be available for download until your license expires. Instructions on how to download files are available in the KB (link). If you have any problems, please report them to the DoIT Help Desk.

What will happen when my license expires?
Current license will expire as of June 30, 2012. Any content, saved meetings, or recordings are expected to be deleted thirty (30) days after the license expiration. Adobe Connect performs purges the data and we have no ability to modify the schedule or recover removed files. This information is available in the KB (link).

How do I learn more about the Collaborate service?
Please visit the Collaborate service page for information about the features, benefits, implementation schedule, and training opportunities. Questions or requests for additional information about Collaborate can be directed to collaborate-info@lists.wisc.edu.

We appreciate your prompt attention to this pending change. If you have specific questions or concerns, please contact us (connect-support@lists.wisc.edu).

-- Adobe Connect Service Manager

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