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Participants Actions Report

How to use the L3 Participants Actions Report tool to monitor and assist the progress of incoming registrants who use the L3 process for access to online course sites.

Click on Canvas Access and select Participants Actions Report

Canvas Access Drop down menu

The next screen you will see:

L3 Participants Actions Report


Filters for searching in report
Filter Description
Instance Number Search You may search by typing in the instance number (only). 
Individual Name Search You may search by typing in the individual name (only).
Fiscal Year Fiscal year default is current
Department You may choose a specific department in your unit
GS Link Clicked Was the Registration Link clicked? All, yes, no

Net ID Activated Is Net ID Activated? All, yes, no

LMS Space Access Does student have access to the course LMS Space? All, yes, no
Start Date Range Give beginning and ending dates for a range to search

L3 Participants Actions Report Search ResultsColumns

Columns in report Description
First Name
Last Name
Email Address
Instance Name
Instance Number
LMS Space Name The name of the LMS Space set up for this specific course
Reg Created Date and time this registration was completed in USI.
Confirmation Date Sent
GS Link Clicked The date and time that someone (anyone) most recently clicked this particular Get Started link. This can be useful to determine whether (and when) the Get Started email was definitely received and furthermore used. "N/A" means this particular Get Started link has never been used, so far.
PVI This is a UW-Madison internal database identifier associated with this person. May be useful in the context of communication with CSIS Support or DoIT about NetID problems for this person.
NetID Activated This will show "Yes" only during the - usually very brief - period between when a learner has requested a new NetID for themselves (which necessarily implies they successfully used their Get Started link) and the corresponding NetID activation key became available and was sent over to the learner. If this remains "Yes" for more than 24 hours then there is definitely a technical problem somewhere between CSIS and the NetID service, please contact CSIS Support. Usually it should not show "Yes" for more than 30 minutes or so.
LMS Space Access
Fiscal Year
Course Start Date
Registration Key
GS Link This is the personalized or "magic" part of the link used for this particular learner's Get Started link, unique for this particular registration. You can therefore use this code to "build your own" Get Started email for this particular learner with the "magic link" for this person to get LMS access. Add the Registration Key to the end of this URL:



You can click the column headings marked with up/down arrows to immediately change the sort order to use that column, and to select either ascending or descending sort order.

screenshot of column heading after clicking

Send Get Started Emails

Clicking a "Send Get Started Email to All Selected" button first poses an "Are you sure..." confirmation question, to make sure you did not accidentally click the button.

Once you confirm your intentions, CSIS immediately sends an identical copy of the original Get Started or NetID Activation email to the learner at the email address listed in the "Preferred Email" column.

Note that the "magic link" in the Get Started and NetID Activation emails are identical, just the subject line and body text are written for different situations. So only use the "NetID activation" resend button if you know all of the following are true:

  • This particular learner already successfully used their Get Started link and,
  • Via that process, requested a new NetID for themselves, and 
  • Their "Activation Key Pending" column shows "No," and
  • This learner has not yet activated (much less successfully used) that new NetID.

In all other situations just send the "Get Started" email.

Send NetID Emails

Clicking a "Send NetID Email to All Selected" button first poses an "Are you sure..." confirmation question, to make sure you did not accidentally click the button.

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