CSIS - Learner L3 FAQ

This document answers some frequently asked questions from L3 Learners.

1. Where are the public HelpDesk documents about getting access to my course website?
2. What is my NetID?
  • Learners sometimes do not notice what NetID was assigned to them during the NetID activation process. Assuming the learner completed the verification step of their recovery e-mail address, then at the NetID login screen, the learner can use the “Forgot my NetID” link displayed on the NetID login screen.
3. My NetID password doesn't work, what do I do?
Please see the section "Retrieving a Lost NetID/Password" on this webpage: [Link for document 58890 is unavailable at this time]

4. Several of us learners need to share a computer to register for a course together. Will that work?
  • If you choose to each register and pay separately, then you *must* be sure to completely close and exit your browser between each person. This applies at any stage of the process, both during the registration/payment part, and especially during and after the NetID setup process, which you’ll likely each do a bit later after you’ve each finished the registration and payment part. 
  • You can also choose to register multiple people for a course with a single payment. But once you have completed the combined-payment process, each student must then personally complete the next steps of the NetID setup process, and completely close and exit your browser between each person’s NetID setup. To use the combined-payment process you can either:
    • Be the payment/registration person, without being one of the students. Note the small checkbox at the top of the first registration screen (where you enter your name and address) that says “Click here only if you are registering other people and not yourself.”
    • Or: Be one of the students and also register other students. First complete your own information, then once you reach the “Order Details” summary and payment page, note the button “Add Another Registrant” on that page.
5. I signed up for more than one online course, so I got more than one copy of the “UW-Madison: Access Your Online Course Site” e-mail, and they look identical, with the same “Get Started” button. Do I need to click the Get Started button in every one of those e-mails?
  • Yes, at least once, and log in with your NetID using each one. Each “Get Started” button sent to you has a slightly different link that verifies that the person who registered is the same person as the one who now wants to access the online course site. Therefore, for each course you signed up for, you must use that corresponding “Get Started” button and immediately log in with your NetID when it asks you to, at least once. Only after you have done that once for each course, you may then discard those e-mails and later return to all of your courses at the UW-Madison Course Dashboard:

6. I previously registered for a noncredit UW-Madison online course, but now I have a new email address. What do I do?
  • If you are a UW-Madison employee or enrolled degree-earning student, use my.wisc.edu to update your personal information. Otherwise contact the UWEX Registration Office at 608-262-2451 or registrations@ecc.uwex.edu to change your e-mail address. After that office enters your new address into their system, your Canvas course will detect your new address automatically after a once-daily midnight update process happens. If you absolutely need a faster update than next-day, please contact the organizers of the program you are taking (after getting your address changed with the Registration Office as above). They may be able to ask their technical staff to manually force Canvas to fetch your latest updated e-mail address.
7. I registered with an error in my e-mail address. What do I do?
  • Please see above for “I have a new e-mail address.” Since your e-mail address was wrong during registration, you will not receive the “Get Started” e-mail and therefore will be unable to access your course materials until your e-mail address is corrected as above. After you get it corrected, you may contact either the department with which you registered (if their contact information was offered during registration) or DoIT HelpDesk to request a re-send of your “Get Started” e-mail, mentioning that you are a “lifelong learner” student taking a noncredit online course.
8. I registered with an error in my name (for example, a spelling error). What do I do?
  • Contact the Registration Office at 608-262-2451 or registrations@wisc.edu to change the name on your record. In addition, you must contact DoIT HelpDesk to request a name change associated with your UW NetID. Be sure to identify yourself as a “lifelong learner” who is taking a noncredit online course. If you do not take this step, then your Canvas course will show your incorrect name to your instructor and fellow students, and you may have future problems getting support with login problems.
9. I accidentally created more than one NetID for myself (such as a new one via this process and one I forgot I had from a previous affiliation with UW-Madison), so now I have problems accessing all sorts of things at UW-Madison. What do I do?

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