How to Create a Minimal Program (Course) in CSIS, Canvas, and USI for L3 Use

This documentation is intended primarily as a "starting point" for UW academic units to copy and customize, particularly to insert who is responsible for each step.

These instructions are for academic units who are not using CSIS for any purpose besides automated NetID and Canvas-access provisioning. Division of Continuing Studies and Engineering Professional Development staff should instead consult internally. This documentation is intended primarily as a "starting point" for UW academic units to copy and customize, particularly to insert who is responsible for each step.

Be sure not to go live with registrations at ECC before finishing all of the steps in this document.

These instructions also work for units who use CSIS for purposes beyond L3 use, but they presumably have additional business processes that apply to creating any new program in CSIS.

IF = "Informational Form" used by ECC to initially define a new program.
LMS = Learning Management System (Canvas, Moodle, D2L, etc.)

You may navigate to the desired section:
1. Define your program. You may begin either in CSIS or with ECC. CSIS offers you a handy way to prepare the IF ready for submission as a PDF to send to ECC, but you can choose to first work with ECC, then set up the corresponding program record in CSIS. Complete documentation of the CSIS IF creation process is here Abbreviated instructions:
a. CSIS is located at
b. Review your existing programs at the first screen you see.
c. To start creating a new program, use the "Actions" link at the far right of the column headings.
d. Note that you can use the CSIS "Clone" feature to copy a previous program of yours.

2. Create or verify the minimally necessary program information in CSIS:
a. Fiscal Year: matching ECC's own requirements, any program must be associated with a particular FY. So for programs that last more than one year, you need to submit a separate IF to ECC for each FY, and create a corresponding CSIS program record for each, too.
b. Program NumberYou must use the same program number here as you are using with ECC (in case you first created your program with ECC). You may not see a "grid to the right" on the program-creation screen if your unit does not typically use CSIS.
c. Program NameThis name should match what you used with ECC. It will also serve as the default LMS space name in the LMS, although you get one chance to modify the LMS space name in the steps below.
d. Event DatesThese dates have no effect on student access to LMS spaces, but they are useful for distinguishing similar programs later on, so if you offer the same course title more than once per FY, at least enter a start date.

3. LMS Spaces (see the tab label on the left of the Program screen)
a. For a complete description of this tab, see the CSIS KB document "How to Use the LMS Spaces Tab"
b. Abbreviated instructions:
    • Select LMS Target (Only Canvas is available as of 6/1/2018)
    • Either create a new LMS space or select an existing one you previously created using this feature of CSIS, such as for a different or previous program of yours.
4. [Optional:] Presenters
a. Explanation: You may choose to either:
i. Manually manage your instructor access to each Canvas space using Canvas internal tools (assuming your instructors have NetIDs already),
ii. Or allow CSIS to automatically manage instructor access by using this feature.
b. Select the "Presenters" menu item in the left side of the program "Instance" screen.
c. Click the "Add" link. 
d. Use the search box to find the person by name. Each instructor must already exist in the UW directory and have their own NetID.
e. Check the empty checkbox next to the correct person's name, which instantly adds the Presenter record to this CSIS program.
f. Note: While presenters you add this way will be automatically gain to all LMS space(s) for this program immediately, any presenters you remove in CSIS, will not be removed from the Canvas space(s) until each night's data-update process.'

Program Setup in Canvas 
1. Go to the Canvas space that you just created. Best to do this immediately after setting up the space above, to confirm your understanding of exactly where the space is.
  • You must have Canvas subaccount administrator status (contact Learn@UW Support) to see unpublished courses, which is how all new courses start.
2. Post your course content. Post at least enough for new registrants to immediately see something reassuring them they reached the right place, even before the course actually begins.
3. Initially you'll see a status of "Unpublished" at the top right corner of the course homepage. Once you have set up enough content so that new registrants will see something appropriate immediately after they register, then change the status to "Publish." You need to do this before telling ECC to go live with registration, otherwise no registrants will see this course visible to them when they log in to Canvas, contrary to the L3 instructions they are following.

You may optionally have done some of this first, before CSIS setup. However, make sure not to go live with registrations at ECC before finishing all of the steps in this document.
  • Academic unit staff: Communicate to ECC staff that you want "NetID Provisioning" set to yes.
  • Academic unit staff: Communicate to ECC staff whether your additional program-specific confirmation text (if any) should appear before or after the standard L3 template confirmation text (which are generic instructions to registrants about what to expect regarding getting a NetID and LMS access).
  • ECC staff will apply the "L3" USI template
  • ECC staff: Do not permit registrations from registrants that do not at least each have their own e-mail address and a last name.
  • ECC staff: Check the "L3: Yes" checkbox on the Event Details tab. Do this prior to setting the program status to "Active".  If the L3 checkbox is selected after the program is active, bad things will happen. If the program is already "Active," then temporarily set it to "Pending" status until the L3: Yes checkbox has been checked.

After ECC staff have set up the program in USI, and before they activate it for live registrations, academic unit staff must return to CSIS at and:
1. Open the Program screen for this program
2. Click the "Catalogs" tab
3. USI Program ID: Confirm or manually enter the USI "EventID" that corresponds to this program in USI. ECC staff can tell you what the USI "EventID" is for your program, or if you are a USI Named User, you can log in to USI and look in the Details tab for the Event. The expectation, however, is that CSIS will automatically detect and fill in the USI EventID for you, about 5 minutes after ECC staff set up the new program in USI.

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