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YearTeamTeam MembersShort Description
 ANicole Brotter, Olivia Pearl, Ellis Becker
Exploring Alternative Proteins: Impact on Human Health and the Environment
 B Lizzie Akfaly, Ayush Kumar

The Environmental and Nutritional Impacts of a Plant-Based Diet and How the Beyond Burger Plays a Role

 2021  C Grace Miller, Sarah Malmberg
Consumer preference towards conventional vs. alternative meats
 2021  D Madison Hummel, Dorian Buening
Organic Panic: is farming with genetically modified material more sustainable than organic farming?
 2021  E McKenna Meyer, Joe Mitchell, Grace Larson
GMOs: Significance in Public Health and Economics
 2021  FLizzy Kysela, Lindsey ModerskiComparing the sustainability of grass-fed and grain-finished cattle
 GJosh Gerbitz, Johnathan Brunner
Comparing the Sustainability of Conventional and Organic Dairy Farming - Which is Better for a Community?
 HElizabeth Ziegler, Jenny Haus
Urban aquifer depletion
 ILibby Schnepf, Connor Raboine
Cooperative Farm Ownership as Resilience for Black American Farmers
 JSophia Webber, Michelle Ding
Climate Resiliency of Peruvian Terrace Agriculture: A 2021 La Via Campesina Panel
 KTori Budin, Kristen Miller
The Impact of Urban Agriculture on Social Justice in Chicago
 LSarah Wagman, Carolyn Munley
Urban Farming: Implications on Socioeconomic, Human Health, and Environmental Health
 MElinor Arndt, Monica Rodriguez, Jordan Sachs
Consumer Behavior and Compostable Packaging: Is compostable packaging always worth it?
 NJacob Bartelt, Jordan Cummings, Lucas Chamberlain
Mitigating Food Waste in University Dining Centers: a Synthesis for Policy-Makers Seeking Sustainability
 OBrenna Grych, Liz D'Auria
Mitigating Food Waste and Greenhouse Gas Emissions During Refrigerated Distribution in Westernized Food Chains
 PChris Adam, Becca Mills
The Development of Hunger and Undernutrition through the COVID-19 Pandemic
 2020 A Valerie, Erik, and Jaime Renewable Energy and Biogas
 2020 B Laura, Erin, and Kaitlin Local, Regional and "Glocal"
 2020 C Zac, Jin, and Ryan Food Waste in the U.S.
 2020 D Matt and Brian Transitioning to Sustainable Farming
 2020 E Abdullah and Jarret Land Use and Soil/Groundwater Quality in Wisconsin
 2020 F Megan and Lucy Sustainable Coffee
 2020 G Hannah, Claire, and Ella Agriculture and Native Cultures
 2020 H Kaitlyn, Erin, and Thrishna Lab-Grown Meat
 2020 I Morgan, Erin and Ashley Plant-based Alternatives versus Dairy Beverages
 2020 J Lexi, Anna, and Bailey-AnnAquaponic, Hydroponics and More
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 2019A Nick, Chris and IrenaSubsidizing Agribusiness: Friend or Foe of Sustainable Agriculture and Development
 2019B Raeann and DaikiBiogas and renewable energy in the Madison area
 2019C Alicia and RoofiaTraditional Farming
 2019D Amber and CordellSustainability for WI Grain Farmers Sustainability for WI Grain Farmers
 2019E Savannah and AnnaWater Access and Community Gardens
 2019F Emma, Ally and DelaneyCommunity Garden Water Policy
 2019GSam, Shelby and OliviaGMOs
 2019HMaame and TanyaUrbanization in Ghana
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 2018ASarah, Will, and SaidaThe Origins of Urban Food Movements: A Case Study of Portland and Detroit
 2018BRobyn and JaniceThe Science Behind GMOs
 2018CFalon and KatieConstructed Wetlands
 2018DApril and SamThe Sustainability of US Subsidies
 2018EAyla and JustinFood Processing in Relation to Nutrition and Sustainability
 2018FElias and JohnTransition from Animal-based to Plant-based Diets in the USA
 2018GBailey and PabloComparing GHG Emissions from Beef and Lamb Production Systems in New Zealand
 2017AManvine, Mouna, and SwethaFood Equity, Food Waste and Redistribution in Madison 
 2017BPaulina LetelierGreenhouse Gases Emission from Cows in Costa Rica
 2017CBryan, Noah, and ValoraOrganic vs Conventional Food Production Methods
 2017DKyle, Alex, and CharlieFood Labeling Practices
 2017EKelsey, Joe, and JessicaFood Waste Composting for Urban Agriculture in Milwaukee
 2017FJack and BenUrban Agriculture and Food Security
 2016AJoe, Kathleen, Emily, and MarlieUW Rooftop Gardens 
 2016BWill, Marjorie, and NickCommunicating Climate Change to Farmers
 2016CSavanna, Kayla and JohnEnvironmental and Climate Impacts of Breeding for Feed Efficiency
 2016DHannah, Colton and DantrellAssessing Farmers' Market Models
 2016ERyan, Spencer, and BrandonClimate and Environmental Impact of Dietary Protein Sources
 2016FAustin, Brianna, and BridgetSustainability of Adding Cereal Grains to Crop Rotations
 2016GHarleen, Rebecca, and SydneyBest Practices and Implications of Managing for Nutritional Content of Milk
 2016HAmanda, Kate, and LaraImpact of Federal Ag Policies on Adoption of Sustainable Practices in Farming
 2015AJulia, Alisha and Soo Comparative Sustainability Analysis of Traditional and Industrial Grain Production in Mexico 
 2015BMonica and JordanBrazilian Soybean Emissions versus United States Soybean Emissions
 2015CRachel and DougGreenhouse gas emissions from grass-fed and feedlot beef production
 2015DTim, Gabe, and NicoleMitigation of GHG from campus food waste: composting vs. Landfill
 2015EWill, Ryan and ChelseaAdaptability of Dairy Production Systems in Wisconsin vs. California
 2015FAida, Jeremy and AdelineGreenhouse Gases Emission from Urban vs. Conventional Produce Production
 2015GClaire and JordanMitigation Opportunities from Manure management and Dairy Forage Land
 2015HDi and FeiEmissions from Organic Dairy Farms with Distinct Feeding Strategies

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