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International Panel of Experts on Sustainable Food Systems IPES-Food iis an independent panel of experts with a mission to promote transition to sustainable food systems around the world. Since 2015, IPES-Food has shaped the debate on global food system reform through scientific reports & detailed policy recommendations. Comprising environmental scientists, development economists, nutritionists, agronomists, & sociologists, as well as experienced practitioners from civil society & social movements, the panel takes a systemic approach that recognizes the complex & interconnected nature of challenges in food systems, & the power relations that shape decision-making.

Toward Healthy Food and Farms is a website of the Union of Concerned Scientists. It provides a series of publications and bogs related to transforming our food system to ensure healthy, sustainably grown food for all.  

The US FARM BILL Corporate Power and Structural Racialization in the United States Food System is a U.C. Berkley Haas Institute publication Research and Policy Paper that provides background information about the farm bill. The paper explore the following issues in separate parts: Part I Corporate Power, Part II Poverty and Food Insecurity, Part III Farmland and Federal Support, and Part IV Conservation and Climate.  The paper ends with a section on "Findings and Interventions". 

Urban Agriculture and The Modern Farm Bill: Cultivating Prosperity in America's Rust Belt is a 2013 Duke Environmental Law & Policy Forum  publication authored by Amy E. Merson-Barg that uses Detroit as a case study for urban food systems.  Although the city contains vast swaths of vacant land, faces steep employment and public health challenges, and houses a population that is less than half its peak size, Detroit is gradually adapting to these realities. One of the most promising signs of Detroit's renaissance is the development of the city's food system. Detroit has a rich history of urban agriculture, and there is growing interest in increasing local food production. (Note: If you are a registered user, please go to this page and click on the pdf link).

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