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Below is a series of education-related video recording, which may be assigned as pre-class assignment. Please click on the the blue-bordered pictures to access the recordings.

Josephine Peigne, Ph.D, Research Scientist with INRA, France. In this presentation, Dr. Peigne helps us understand how wheat is a staple central to the French identity (along with red wine). Dr. Peigne discusses the history of the European agricultural policies and engage her audience in the various agricultural production systems in France with an emphasis on adoption of organic agricultural practices.
Doris Pellerin, Professor, Université de Laval, Quebec, Canada. Professor Pellerin discusses economic, environmental and social dimensions of dairy systems of Québec. His presentation made us think of the "Quota system" as a monopoly that provides dairy producers with a strong leverage to negotiate with dairy processors.
Carlos Gomez, Professor, Universidad Nacional Agraria La Molina, Lima, Peru. Professor Gomez helped us understand "competitive advantage" for food production system in terms of population density and arable land of countries around the world. His presentation provides us also with results of a Life Cycle Analysis (i.e., carbon footprint) of milk produced in the Andes Mountains and the coastal areas of the country.
Carlos Arriaga, Professor Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Mexico, Toluca, Mexico. Professor Arriaga's presentation focuses on smallholder dairy systems in the outskirt of Mexico City as a path to economic development and poverty alleviation in the highlands of Central Mexico.

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