The FSSCC Class Debate

First step in preparing our class debate

For your journal entry due on Thursday, 2/23/17, please do the following instead of your normal synthesis of the pre-class readings:

a) Select TWO of the debate topics from the list below. 

1)      1) Should there be a limit on how much farmers’ markets can sell to restaurants or institutions?

2)      2)  Should there be farm limits on production for environmental reasons? (to prevent environmental harm)?

3)      3) Should developing countries be required to follow sustainable agriculture practices?

4)      4) Should junk food be regulated (like cigarettes)?

5)     5)  Should GMO technology be open-sourced?

6)     6) Should we have clearer definitions for the terms (related to animal treatment) that we use on food labels?

7)     7)  Should Congress get rid of the Farm Bill (in essence, getting rid of farmer subsidies)?

8)     8)  Should schools be required to teach kids how to cook healthy food?

9)     9) Should there be a line in the Farm Bill to fund insect production for food?

b) Construct a realistic scenario around EACH of the two debate questions, and identify as best you can, the potentially relevant actors (stakeholders) in each debate. Below is a sample scenario that was constructed around a debate question, and a list (non-exhaustive) of the relevant actors in the debate.



An international oil company has been doing research on potentially rich areas for oil in part of the Amazon basin in Brazil. Based on preliminary research, it appears that oil deposits in one particular area of the Amazon are so large that the country of Brazil could become oil independent, and possibly even an oil exporter. This area of the Amazon, however, is also home to one of two of the most remote and uncontacted tribes in the world. If the oil company receives an oil concession from the Brazilian government, it would mean unavoidable contact with, and possible displacement of, this untouched tribe.

Question: Should this oil company be given an oil concession by the Brazilian government?

Relevant actors:  Brazilian government, Brazilian citizens, the uncontacted tribe, indigenous rights organizations, the oil company, environmental organizations, international banks (who might be giving loans to the oil company for exploration activities, OPEC, the Organization of American States (OAS), neighboring countries, Inter-American court of Human Rights, construction contractors

c) As usual, submit your journal entry to the Dropbox. 

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