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GASTROINTESTINAL TRACTThe stomach and the intestine as a functional unit.
GERMthe embryo of a plant present in the seed.
GERMINATE (to)To begin to or to cause to grow (syn to sprout.
GLUCOSE: (C6H12O6)A six carbon sugar which is the building block of starch and cellulose. Glucose is rapidly fermented into volatile fatty acids by ruminal bacteria.
GLYCEROLA three carbon sugar which form the backbone of triglycerides and other fats.
GOITERAn enlargement of the thyroid gland associated with iodine deficiency and visible as a swelling at the front of the neck.
GRAINSeed from cereal plants.
GRAMINEAEFamily of plants including rye grass, fescue, brome, timothy and other herbaceous plants often referred to as grass. Cereals are gramineous plants but often, they are considered apart from the grass because they are cropped for the grain rather than the vegetative parts of the plant.
GRASSAny of the numerous plants of the family gramineae, characteristically having narrow leaves and hollow, jointed stems (e.g., orchardgrass, ryegrass, bromegrass).