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HAYA sun-dried forage. A method of preserving forage by cutting the plant and letting it dry in the sun.
HEAT PERIODA period of 9 to 24 hours preceding the ovulation during which cows are receptive to bulls and exhibit a typical behavior of mounting other cows or standing when mounted by other cows (or a bull).
HEIFERA young female cow that has not yet given birth to a calf.
HEMICELLULOSEA type of carbohydrate similar to cellulose except that it contain not only glucose but also other 6 carbon sugars and also 5 carbon sugars.
HEMOGLOBINAn iron rich protein found in the red blood cells which function as a carrier of oxygen and carbon dioxide.
HULLOuter covering of grain or other seed, especially when dry (syn: husk).
HUNGERA strong desire for food.
HUSKOuter envelop, usually green, of fruits and seeds, as around an ear of corn (syn hull).
HYDROCHLORIC ACID (HCl)Strong acid secreted by the abomasum that breaks down chemical bounds and thus contributes to the digestion of feeds.
HYDROLYSISDecomposition of a chemical compound by reaction with water.