DMI calculator

Enter the data as required to estimate DMI of lactating dairy cattle by any of the three methods presented in the Table below.

Expected ranges in the various input parameters are as follows:

  • Energy required ranges from approximately 12 Mcal/d in cow producing a few kg or lbs of milk, but 48 Mcal/d for a cow producing 50 kg/d (110 lb/d).
  • Diet NEl concentration ranges from approximately 1.4 Mcal/kg DM (0.64 Mcal/lb DM) for a cow producing a few kg or lbs of milk, but 1.75 Mcal/kg (0.80 Mcal/lb) for a cow producing 50 kg/d (110 lb/d).
  • Body Weight ranges from approximately 580 Kg (1280 lbs) for a small Holstein cow or first-lactation Holstein cow to 700 kg (1540 lbs) for a large mature Holstein cow.
  • NDF intake Capacity ranges from approximately from 1.1 % of BW in small cows to 1.2% of body weight in large cows.
  • Diet NDF ranges from approximately 28% of diet DM (peak lactation, low forage, high concentrate diet) to 40% of diet DM (late lactation, high forage, low concentrate diet)
  • Milk Yield ranges from approximately 1 kg/d (2.2 lb/d) to 55 kg/d (120 lb/d)
  • Week of lactation ranges from 1 to 15
  • Milk Fat % ranges from approximately 2.8% to 4.0% in Holstein cows, but could be upward of 6.0% for Jersey cows.


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