Mexico Field Study 2013

2013 2013 Tentative Field Study Traveling Map

Tentative Itinerary - August 18th - 31th
Day Date AM PM Night (Accommodation)
S 18 Depart Madison 6:30 am to Dallas and to Aguascalientes Drive from Aguascalientes to San Juan de Los Lagos San Juan de Los Lagos
M 19 PROAN - Feed Mill and Laying hens (tentative) PROAN - 3000-cow dairy operation San Juan de Los Lagos
T 20 CUALTOS in Tepatitlán PROLEA Coop. in Acatic | Travel to Autlán Autlan de Navaro
W 21 Mountain Biosphere Reserve (Sierra de Manatlan and Expt. Stn. "Las Joyas") "Las Joyas"
R 22 Return from Mountain to Autlán CUCSUR scientists (Rio Ayuquilla) - Zenzontla community Autlan de Navaro
F 23 La Huerta: Tropical Fruit Tree Research Farm (INIFAP) Tropical dual purpose cattle production Manzanillo
Sa 24 Tecomán: Dual-purpose cattle under Coconut plantation Reflection Time (group and individual) Manzanillo
Su 25 Travel to Guadalajara Historical Center of Guadalajara Guadalajara
M 26 Travel to Morelia Smallholder dairy (NEW!) Smallholder sheep production (NEW!) Patzcuaro
T 27 Travel to Aculco Smallholder dairy near Aculco Cheese-making in Aculco Aculco
W 28 Campesinos Mazahua in San Felipe del Progreso Toluca or Temascaltepec
R 29 Tropical Dual Purpose in Zacazonapan Trout Farming & Orchid Production in Temascaltepec Toluca
F 30 Travel to Mexico City Gobierno Nacional | Museum of Anthropology Cathedral | Azteca's Ruins Mexico City
S 31 7:30 am Mexico City Departure to Dallas  Fly from Dallas to Madison (2:00 pm arrival) Your own bed!

Guide Book 
The Study Guide is a 60+ page document designed to help students get the most from the field study program. It Includes the following sections: Thank-You's and Participant list, Field study expectations; Portfolio guidelines; Tips to make the most of the field study, Group Activities; Maps, Daily site visit pages, and Evaluation, reflection and assessment. guidebook.pdf

Synopsis of Daily Schedule 

Day 1 - Sunday, 8/18 - Travel to Mexico
  • Depart Madison 6:30 AM, FL 2935N, Arrive in Dallas 8:55 AM; Depart Dallas 12:10 PM FL 2936N, Arrive in Aguascalientes at 2:20 PM
  • Drive to San Juan de Los Lagos
Day 2 - Monday, 8/19 - PROAN 
  • PROAN (Proteinas Animales) industrial scale, but family owned operation - Feed mill, packaging facilities, and laying hens unit in the morning. 
  • PROAN dairy farm unit in the afternoon
Day 3 - Tuesday, 8/20 - Tepatitlan and Acatic
  • Tepatitlan: Visit of Centro Universitario de Los Altos campus (CUALTOS)
  • Acatic: Visit of smallholder and medium size dairy PROLEA Cooperative
  • Drive 3.5 hours to Autlan de Navaro
Day 4 - Wednesday, 8/21 - Las Joyas Biosphere Reserve
  • 2-hour climb up the mountain (Sierra Manatlan) to Las Joyas Biosphere Reserve
  • Visit of research station and walk trials in reserve to see Teocintle
Day 5 - Thursday, 8/22 - Rio Ayuquilla and Zenzontla
  • 2 hour descent to Aultan
  • Local site visit: Pollution and restoration of Rio Ayuquilla
  • Visit of the downstream community of Zenzontla
Day 6 - Friday, 8/23 - Farming in the Tropics
  • Drive over the mountain to tropical "La Huerta"
  • INIFAP: Tropical fruits research station and visit of tropical cattle farm
  • Drive to Manzanillo, Colima
Day 7 - Saturday, 8/24 - Tecoman
  • Tecoman (Colima): Dual purpose livestock under coconut tree plantation
  • Return to Manzanillo for reflection time (individual and group)
Day 8 - Sunday, 8/25 - Guadalajara
  • 3-hour drive to Guadalajara
  • Guadalajara Historical Center: Cathedral, Hospicio Cabana, Palacio Gobierno, Mercardo La Libertad, etc. 
Day 9 - Monday, 8/26 - Michoacan
  • 2.5-hour drive toward Morelia/Patzcuaro Visit of smallholders (cows & goats)
  • Visit of ruins of Tzintzuntzan or Ihuatzo on the road to Patzcuaro
Day 10 - Tuesday, 8/27 - Small Holder Dairies
  • Drive to Aculco; Visit of Mr. Esiquio and Mr. Gil farms with contrasting cow feeding systems (cut and carry versus pasture)
  • visit of small family owner and operated cheese factory (Lacteos Dianahi)
Day 11 - Wednesday, 8/28 - Mazahua and Toluca
  • Visit of Mazahua Indian community in San Felipe del Progresso
  • Drive through Toluca to Temascaltepec
Day 12 - Thursday, 8/29 - Chucho's Farm and Trout Farm
  • Visit of Chucho's farm (hand milking, cheese making) in Zacazonapan
  • Visit of a Trout farm in Valle de Bravo returning to Toluca
Day 13 - Friday, 8/30 - Mexico City 
  • Travel to Mexico City and Visit the cultural attraction on the Zocalo
  • Visit of the National Museum of Anthropology
Day 14 - Saturday, 8/31 - Travel Home
  • Depart Mexico City 7:30 AM FL 1858N, Arrive in Dallas 10:10 AM
  • Depart Dallas 11:50 AM FL 2564N, Arrive in Madison at 2 PM

In Participants' Own Words... (to be posted)

  • Acknowledgments:
      The students' opportunity to learn about Mexico and this web page have been made possible by many individuals that we may not fully acknowledge here. However, we want to particularly thank the following organizations and individuals:

      Our Mexican Partners for contributing enormously to the planning and for their support during the field program — including lots of patience !
      • a) Jesus Olmos and collaborators at CUALTOS (Centro Universitario Región de los Altos, Universidad de Guadalajara).
      • b) Carlos Arriaga and collaborators at UAEM-ICAR (Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Mexico-El Instituto de Ciencias Agropecuarias y Rurales).
      • c) Benito Albarrán-Portillo at UAEM-Temascaltepec (Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Mexico).
      • d) The producers and business owners who gave us much of their valuable time to allowed us the opportunity to visit their homes, farms, and operations.

      Our University of Wisconsin Partners for administrative support
      • a) CALS International Programs - Laura Van Toll
      • b) Department of Dairy Science - Sandy Bertics

      Financial support was generously provided by:
      • a) CALS Scholarship funds
      • b) Fest Family Agricultural Enrichment Fund for Enhancing Dairy Science Undergraduate Education
      • c) USDA Higher Education Challenge Grant #2007-02470 "Global Agriculture Curriculum Emphasizing Relationships and Interdependencies with the U.S."

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