2010 Micro-teaching projects

Wk 13 — 12/02 - Team B | Team C | Reflection on the Journey & Evaluation Part I

Resource material Team B: Moral Aspects of Grading (Read "Research Questions Revisited" section, starting page 96 and the "Discussion" section ending on page 99) | Grading Multicultural Students (Read starting with "Three Perspectives from Communication Instructors", page 10 to "Implication and Conclusions" page 14) | Grading non-native (Read "Question to Consider" section page 57).

Resource material Team C: PowerPoint, habits of mind, and classroom culture. To prepare for class discussion, please read pages 398-409, write a short summary of the article to upload in the dropbox (as usual), post one question on the bog page (as usual), and think briefly about your own past experiences with PowerPoint.

Wk 14 — 12/09 - Team D | Team E | Reflection of the Journey & Evaluation Part II

Resource material Team D: Please read the section entitled 'Introduction: the figure of the 'independent learner'' from Goode (2007) 'Empowering or disempowering the international Ph.D student? Constructions of the dependent and independent learner' (Page 589-592), as well as the short article by Rothman, 2004. (From Seminar To Study Group). Please submit a short summary of the readings to the dropbox and post a question about the readings to the blog. In addition, to prepare for our discussion, choose a topic that we've discussed previously in class and reflect on whether it would be applicable in a graduate level course.

Resource material Team E: (Zhou et al, 2008) Theoretical models of culture shock and adaptation in international students in higher education. Please read and submit summary and one question about the reading to dropbox. Also please blog your questions about the reading, they will be used to direct in-class discussion.

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