Microteaching Project Guidelines (Tentative)


Team Date Team Members Short Topic Description
Team A 12/05 TBA TBA
Team B 12/05 TBA TBA
Team C 12/12 TBA TBA
Team D 12/12 TBA TBA
Team E 12/19 TBA TBA
Team F 12/19 TBA TBA

Suggested Main Preparation Steps:

  • Select a few topics of interest (either not discussed in class before or “closely” related to a topic discussed earlier in class).

  • Get familiar with educational databases and other electronic resources:
    • Library database: Education Full Text and ERIC;
    • Resources providing lists of education-related Journals can be found on the "T&L Journals (SoTL)" page of this site.

  • Review the literature and select one article (or at the most two short articles) or other electronic resources as a pre-class assignment.

  • Submission deadlines: Email a pdf of the selected article(s) to your course instructor.

  • Try to identify a few (at the most two or three) main messages or BIG IDEA(S) that you believe everybody should take away from your micro-teaching unit in order to gain knowledge or higher-order of thinking skills that may enhance effective instruction in a global college classroom;

  • Design a 40-45 min. class “discussion” time to reach your pedagogical objectives. This time may be structured in anyways you see fit to maximize effectiveness of the discussion in order to help your students (i.e., your classmates) gain new insights and come out of the session with clear take-home messages. The following list includes examples of what you may elect to do during the "in-class" portion of your microteaching to complement the material covered in the pre-class assignment:
    • A handout highlighting micro-teaching unit goal and class activities in a way to engage your students in a meaningful discussion of the subject;
    • View or Review electronic resources (web-pages, You-Tube videos, etc.) as an introduction to class discussion;
    • Plan for individual, pair, small groups or whole-class discussion activities;
    • Invite a panel of guests to provide a "real-life" perspective of the subject of discussion.

Suggested Implementation Steps:

Each team will conduct the discussion facilitation for one hour with in steps described below
  • The class will review the material on the course schedule page and submit your blog entries (as expected for a regular class) with the usual deadline (Thursday 9:00 pm).

  • The day of the microteaching, the time allocated to each team facilitation will be as follows:

    • 5-8 min.: Each student completes a short questionnaire to highlight their views on the topic (based on pre-assigned reading) prior to the discussion;

    • 40-45 min.: The team conducts the facilitation of the topic to be (un)covered in class in a "discussion" format;

    • 5-8 min.: Each student provides written comments on new insights and perspectives gained throughout the discussion.

  • Students' post-discussion insights and newly gained perspectives will be posted afterward on the website.

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