2013 Guest Panels

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Wk 03 — 09/20 - International Faculty (Poland, Uganda, and U.K.)

Panel members: Izabela Szlufarska (Poland) | James Ntambi (Uganda) | Steven Young (U.K.)

Synopsis: Members of this panel are international faculty who, as many other international faculty on many campuses around the country, have never experienced life as an undergraduate in the United States. Izabela (Material Sci. & Engineering), James (Biochemistry and Nutritional Sciences) and Steve (Geography) have a strong interest and commitment to helping undergraduate learn a scientific discipline for which they are an expert. Each will share their personal stories going back to the challenges they met in their early days as undergraduate instructor.

Wk 04 — 09/27 - (International) Women in Sciences (Canada, Madagascar, USA)

Panel members: Johanne Brunett (Canada) | Aurelie Rakotondrafara (Madagascar) | Laura Hernandez (USA) | Heather White (USA)

Synopsis: Does it make any difference when national (or cultural) differences are compounded with gender issues? The members of this panel are domestic and international woman faculty: Johanne (evolutionary biology), Aurelie (Plant Pathology), Laura (Lactation Biology, Dairy sci.) and Heather (Nutritional Physiology, Dairy sci.). They have strong commitments to undergraduate education. Similarly to last week, our panel members will share their experience as undergraduate instructors, but with the added dimension of exploring gender issues.

Wk 05 — 10/04 - International Faculty (Sudan, Israel, and Germany)

Panel members: Amin Fadl (Sudan) | Hasan Khatib (Israel) | Dietram Scheufele (Germany).

Synopsis: Our third panel discussions will be a continuation of our first panel: Faculty from other countries with contrasting cultural backdrop and limited training in undergraduate education in the U.S. prior to teaching at that level. We have asked our panel members: Amin Fadl (Animal Diseases, Animal Sci.), Hasab Khatib (Genetics, Dairy Sci.) and Dietram Scheufele (Data Analysis in Communication; Life Sci. Com.) to share their experience teaching undergraduate students in the U.S.

Wk 06 — 10/11 - Special Issue Panel: Internationalization of the Curriculum

Panel members: Chuck Snowdon (USA), Masarah Van Ecyk (USA), Catherine Woodward (USA), and Dominique Brossard (France & Argentina)

Synopsis: Today's panel will focus on issues (barriers) related to internationalization of the curriculum. Is "internationalization of the curriculum" an oxymoron? Isn't the work of STEM scientists universal (by definition)? Why aren't (international) faculty willing to use examples, case studies or applications of their research and teaching work in a broad international context in their undergraduate teaching? Chuch Snowdon (emeritus, Dpt of Psychology who has research and taught neurobiology) and Masarah Van Ecyk (Director, CALS internationalization of the Curriculum) will share their experience working with students and faculty to expand the scope of their work to broader horizons. Each summer Catherine teaches a month-long summer field course in Ecuador, called "Tropical Ecosystems: Andes to Amazon." For her par Dominique teaches how to approach controversial issues and how the press in different countries portray controversial issues.

Wk 07 — 10/25 - Special Issue Panel: US Faculty Teaching in China — Chinese Faculty Teaching in the US

Panel members: Mary Wang (USA), Linell Davis (USA), Tony Ives (USA), and Que Lan (China).

Synopsis: The last panel will focus specifically on China and will include U.S. faculty and instructors who have extensive experience teaching in China and a Chinese Scientist who has years of experience teaching UW-Madison undergraduates. Our panel members are: Mary Wang (English Department), Linell Davis (Emeritus, University of Xanjing), Tony Ives (Department of Zoology) and (Que Lan, Department of Entomology). Mary has taught English in China (and Japan) and is now a faculty assistant in the English department helping international graduate students to become effective teaching assistants. Linell has recently retired from many years of teaching "American culture" at the University of Xanjing (China), Tony Ives, Professor of Zoology has recently completed a sabbatical during which he taught biology in China. For her part Que Lan has years of experience teaching a course on insect physiology at the UW-Madison.  

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