2017 Guest Panels

09/29 Panel | 10/06 Panel | 10/20 Panel | 10/27 Panel

Guest Panel schedule will be posted here in the near future.

Panel 1: 09/29 - Laura Hernandez (USA) and Megan Schmid (USA)

More about our panel members:

Laura Hernandez is originally from El Paso, TX. She came to the Deparatment of Dairy Science (College of Agriculture and Life Sciences) a little more than six years ago and she has been promoted to the rank of Associate professor with tenure last fall. Laura will tell us about her experience as an instructor who had almost non-agriculture background but is passionate about teaching lactation biology! Click here for more information about Laura's Lab.

Megan Schmid is the Associate Director of the Madison Teaching and Learning Excellence (MTLE) initiative, which started in 2012. Megan joined MTLE in January 2015 and oversees program operations, works with campus teaching and learning partners, and draws from the national teaching and learning landscape to inform the program curriculum and overall direction of MTLE.


Panel 2: 10/06 - Izabela Szlufarska (Poland), Johanne Brunett (Qu├ębec), Susan Gold (USA) and Robin Mittenthal (USA)

More about our panel members:

Izabela Szlufarska is a professor in the College of Engineering (Material Sci. & Engineering). Izabela is originally from Poland. In 2015 she received the Vilas Research Investigator Award for outstanding mentoring of graduate students. Izabela will share with us her experience as an international woman faculty in a field still largely dominated by men.

Johanne Brunett is a scientist with interest in pollination biology and evolutionary biology (gene flow in populations with particular emphasis on insect pollinators). She completed her MS and PhD at McGill University, Montreal. She co-instruct in Biocore301, Evolution, Ecology and Genetics. Johanne will reminisce on her experience as an instructor in a large enrollment biology course here on campus. Click here for more information about Johanne's lab.

Susan Gold is Registered Nurse (RN) who has experience in pediatric and adolescent medicine both in the United States and internationally. Since 2012 she has been taking UW students to Kenya to help teach her curriculum on reproductive health, train trainers to talk to kids and teens about sexuality, and other reproductive-related health education. Learn more about her work in Kenya and how she has changed the life of young people on both continent because of her dedication. she was awarded recently the Nelson Mandela Fellowship, the first clinical RN to receive the honor.

Robin Mittenthal has been associated with the Global Health Institute Certificate program for many year. Although he has left this position recently, Robin has accepted to come as a panel member to share his experience advising students in the Undergraduate Certificate in Global Health. His responsibility included also website and social media management. Robin is a strong proponent of experiential learning and study abroad in particular. He will share also his real-life educational experience drawing on his experience as peace corps volunteers. Robin is currently Center Coordinator, Upper Midwestern Regional Center of Excellence for Vector-Borne Disease at the School of Veterinary Medicine.


Panel 3: 10/20 - Dominque Brossard (Argentina/France) James Ntambi (Uganda) and Neil Stenhouse (New Zealand)

More about our panel members:

Dominique Brossard is professor and chair in the Department of Life Sciences Communication (College of Agriculture and Life Sciences) and an affiliate of the UW-Madison Robert & Jean Holtz Center for Science and Technology Studies, the UW-Madison Center for Global Studies and the Morgridge Institute for Research. Her teaching responsibilities include courses in strategic communication theory and research, with a focus on science and risk communication. Dominique is an internationally known expert in public opinion dynamics related to controversial scientific issues. Her multicultural background and her experience of the East Coast versus the Midwest will be of interest to us; especially when it comes to good communications with undergraduates in the the classroom.

Dr. Earlise Ward is a Licensed Psychologist and an Associate Professor at University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Nursing As a researcher and licensed psychologist, she has witnessed first-hand in her clinical practice the impact of mental health disparities among African Americans. Her program of research focuses on developing and testing culturally adapted mental health interventions for African American adults with depression. Dr. Ward teaches courses focused on psychiatric mental health nursing and also research methods. She is teaching both at the undergraduate and graduate levels and will share with us her experience as a woman of color teaching in our school of nursing.

James Ntambi is Katherine Berns Von Donk Steenbock Professor in Biochemistry (and also Nutritional Sciences in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. He has a strong interest and commitment to helping undergraduate (and graduate students) learn biochemistry. James has a very successful research program. He has received many awards and recognition, but he also has dedicated substantial efforts to improve a large enrollment (service) course : Biochemistry 501. James will share his personal story going back to the challenges he met in his early days as an undergraduate instructor. James will also likely share his experience taking students for a two-week field program in Uganda.

Neil Stenhouse is an assistant professor in the Department of Life Sciences Communication (College of Agriculture and Life Sciences). His teaching responsibilities include courses in research methods and strategic communication campaigns. Neil earned his Ph.D. in Communication at George Mason University, where he conducted research with the Center for Climate Change Communication. As a "first-time" guest, it will be interesting to hear Neil's perspective of teaching and learning at the UW-Madison compared to New Zealand.


Panel 4: 10/27 - Corbett Grainger, Chuck Snowdon, Mark Kueppers, Don Gillian-Daniel, Chad Shorter and Mark johnson

Our last panel include faculty and staff who have been involved in teaching students of other countries or have been working with Nazarbayev University in Kazakhstan specifically to address multicultural issues in higher education.More about our panel members:

Corbett Grainger (Agricultural and Applied Economics, College of Agriculture and Life Science) was an MTLE fellow. He has recently been promoted to the rank of Associate professor. Corbett will share with us his experience teaching in Vietnam.

Charles (Chuck) Snowdon is emeritus, Department of Psychology who has research and taught neurobiology. Chuck will share his experience teaching in Brazil, Argentina and Ecuador.

Returning instructors from Nazarbayey University instructional workshop: Mark Kueppers, Associate Director Center for Leadership & Involvement, Division of Student Life; Chad Shorter. Evaluation Design & Analysis Consultant, DoIT Academic Technology and Don Gillian-Daniel,Associate Director Delta Program in Research, Teaching and Learning and CIRTL Institution Network Leader Collaborative for Advancing Learning & Teaching. These instructor under the leadership of Mark S. Johnson (International Division) will share with us their experience interaction with Kazhak and third-country faculty teaching at the Nazarbayev University in Kazakhstan.

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