PEOPLE Summer Prehire Lab Information Form

This document shows step by step how to fill out the supervisor checklist for summer hiring.

The Prehire Lab Information Form is used by PEOPLE staff making summer hires. This document shows what should be filled out and brought to the Pre-Hire Labs. All staff for summer need a checklist.

All of the Highlighted Fields in this checklist will be filled out by the hiring supervisor. All fields not highlighted will be filled out by the HR/BST at the pre-hire labs. 
Labeled Checklist

1. Enter the name of the hire

2. Enter the email of the hire

3. Indicate whether you believe the employee has worked for PEOPLE before with a Yes or No

4. Indicate the FTE/Appointment Percentage

5. Indicate the position you would like to hire for (e.g. Residential Mentor, Math Teacher)

6. HR/BST Only: Enter the HRS Employee ID (if the employee has one)

7. HR/BST Only: Enter the date on which this checklist was reviewed

8. HR/BST Only: This row indicates status of employee in HRS
  • If the employee has an active appointment in HRS, check the "HRS Appt Active" box
    • Look at the details and the appointment % to determine if the current appointment conflicts with the PEOPLE summer appointment
    • Student Hourly appointments only conflict with 100% PEOPLE summer appointments
    • If the appointment does conflict, indicate reason for conflict in the "Other Items" (15) field.
      • Hand checklist back to supervisor and explain conflict
9. HR/BST Only: This row indicates I-9 statuses to the BST
  • Using the HRS information (7) determine if the employee needs a new I-9 or can be "rehired" on current I-9
    • If a new I-9 is needed, check the "I-9 Initiated" box and enter the date in the field
    • If no I-9 is needed, tick the "I-9 Active" box
    • If the employee is rehired, indicate the date rehired in the "I-9 Rehire Date" field
10. HR/BST Only: This row indicates Criminal Background Check (CBC) statuses to the BST
  • Using the HRS information (7) determine if the employee needs a new CBC or if the current CBC can be used
    • If the employee is new or will have a 30 day break in service (or greater) send a new CBC
    • Tick the "CBC Initiated" box and write the work order # in the "CBC Work Order #" field
    • If the employee has not had/will not have a break in service greater than 30 days AND the CBC is less than 2 years old, enter the current CBC completion date in the "CBC Complete Date" field
11. HR/BST Only: This section only used for Student Help Hires
  • Check the hiring packet for the correct pay, job code, and signatures
  • If any changes are needed to the hiring packet, indicate needs in "Other Items" (15) and return to supervisor
12. HR/BST Only: Enter the hire in the Hiring Database and check this box

13. HR/BST will indicate whether or not an offer can be made to Academic staff by checking the appropriate box.
  • This only applies to Academic Staff hires

14. HR/BST will indicate which email templates should be sent to the hire
15. All hires who did not have a Direct Deposit (DD) or W-4 included with checklist at the Pre-Hire Lab, will have this box checked
16. Any items for the supervisor to follow up on will be written here

17. When your hire responds to the offer and indicates they accept the position, tick this box

18. When your hire responds to the email about DD/W-4, tick this box
  • When both the offer accepted (16) and the DD/W-4 (17) box are ticked, return this checklist to the PEOPLE HR Assistant to complete your hire (Academic Staff Only)
19. HR/BST will sign and date this form the day of the pre-hire lab if the hire is approved. No signature will be on the form if hire is not approved. 

OTHER Notes:

You can turn in completed offer checklists as they are completed. You do not need to wait until your next Pre-Hire Lab. 

Student Help hire packets will not be accepted until they are complete. All items in "Other Items" (15) need to be addressed before turning in the hire packet again. 

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