Employee Depature Resources

Provides an overview of the steps to take and other resources when an employee is ending employment in DDEEA.

When an employee departs it is important to understand what appropriate steps to take.  The following includes information on what steps to take for employee departures in the DDEEA. This resource page will review steps for employees who leave voluntarily (employee resignations).  For other situations, please work directly with the DDEEA HR office (hr@cdo.wisc.edu.)  

  • Resignation:  It is important to obtain a written resignation.  Share the news with your direct supervisor and determine next steps.
    • Counter Offer:  If considering a counter offer or making other arrangements for the employee the first step is to contact your supervisor.  Your supervisor will then work with their direct report and HR as appropriate for review/approval.  DO NOT make any offer to the employee until all appropriate approvals and agreement on what can be offered has been obtained.  
    • Resignation Acceptance:  If the resignation is provided verbally, follow up in writing (an email will suffice) that acknowledges and accepts the verbal resignation, with a request to submit a written resignation.  If a written resignation is received (via email or in a letter attached to an email or with a physical letter) respond to the email (attach a scan of the physical letter) acknowledging and accepting the resignation. 

  • Alert HR:  Send an email to hr@cdo.wisc.edu with the following (the information in Section I – Employee Contact and Departure Information on the checklist):
    • Employee Name:

    • Forwarding Contact Info:

    • Supervisor:

    • Division/Unit:

    • Last Day of Work (physically in office):

    • Last Day on Payroll (the last day the employee will be paid through DDEEA payroll):

    • Is employee’s next employment with UW System or State of WI?  If so, where?

    • Reason for departure (e.g. resignation, retirement, terminal position, dismissal, layoff, non-renewal):

  • Communication:  Communicate the departure to the employee’s immediate team, the unit staff, support/collaboration teams/staff, leadership, outside stakeholders/key community partners and/or clients.  Create a communication plan, and tailor messages so they are appropriate for the audience.  For assistance creating a message, please see the Draft Template Farewell Messages document. 
    • Note:  Coordinate the departure message with the employee as much as possible.   Before sharing details regarding the employee’s new place of employment or their plans after departure it is important to ensure the employee is okay with sharing this information.  Typically it is a good idea to run the communication past the employee to ensure they are comfortable with what is being said.  It is also a good practice to coordinate the communication message with the employee’s own message, as it is often the case that they may want to share the news of the departure personally.

  • Transition Plan: It is best when a plan can be created indicating what the employee will need to focus on in their remaining time with the division and unit.  Especially important is identifying who will take over what responsibilities, both in the interim, as well as long-term (indicating the plan for recruitment, replacement, etc.) and where important information, documents, etc. can be located. For assistance with creating a transition plan, please see the Transition Plan Template.  As the departing employee transitions out of the unit, consider sending them an email outlining their close out tasks.  Please see the Departing Employee Email Checkout Tasks  template. 

  • Prepare for the Farewell: Acknowledging an employee’s contributions is an excellent way to ensure they depart on good terms, so they understand the value and contributions they provided to the division/unit.  Planning for a farewell gathering is a great way to do this.  Ensure that the gathering adheres to all UW Business Services guidelines, and any questions on this can be sent to the unit’s BST member.  Consider circulating a card or farewell messages for the departing employee.  Be sure the employee is comfortable with whatever gathering or farewell activities are planned by communicating the plans with them in advance and seeking their agreement.


  • Follow the Checklist: Complete the tasks and fill out Section I and II (III is DDEEA HR) on the Employee Departure Checklist . Submit the completed list to hr@cdo.wisc.edu.

  • Contact hr@cdo.wisc.edu with any questions.  We are here to help!  Please contact us with any questions regarding the employee departure procedures as outlined above. 

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