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DNS: Determining Zone Authority

DNS: Determining Zone Authority
The output of the following command will include adns1,2,3 if we are authoritative. If you get no answer, you have either typo'd the zone name or we are NOT authoritative.

Examples for which we are authoritative

[user@host]$ dig @adns1 NS +short
[user@host]$ dig @adns1 -x 144.92 NS +short
Examples for which we are NOT authoritative
[user@host]$ dig @adns1 NS +short
[user@host]$ dig @adns1 NS +short
[user@host]$ dig @adns1 -x 128.105 NS +short
Once you determine we are not authoritative, use dig to determine authority.
[user@host]$ dig NS +short

[user@host]$ dig NS +short

[user@host]$ dig -x 128.105 NS +short


This method can be used for second level domains and will work even if the authoritative DNS server is NOT correctly configured.
[user@host]$ whois  

Name Servers: 

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