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Infoblox Quick start

This is an introduction and quick-start guide for Infoblox.


Infoblox is a software company that provides DDI (DNS, DHCP, and IP address management) solutions.   In 2016, DoIT Network Services acquired hardware and software from Infoblox to provide these services to the UW-Madison campus.  "Infoblox" or "the Infoblox appliances" are terms often colloquially used in reference to the hardware and software solution that provides DNS and DHCP services to campus.

DNS and DHCP services are hosted on physical and site-redundant hardware on the UW-Madison campus with a 4th authoritative nameserver additionally located in New Jersey, USA.  DNS and DHCP services are continually monitored by the DoIT NOC and other Network Services personnel.

The Infoblox environment allows for campus customer self-service for DNS and DHCP services via web-based GUI and RESTful API.


To request additional information or express interest in campus DNS/DHCP services, please send email to

Logging in:

After you have been configured for access, the UW-Madison Infoblox portal is available here:

Use the "SSO Login" button to access the system.

Suggested first documents:

Deleting and searching for objects:

Add a host record:

Service Contact Information:

For questions about the Infoblox service, please email ''.  


In 2015 DoIT began a project to update campus-hosted DNS and DHCP services with goals of increased reliability, security, and to enable campus departments to manage their DNS zones and DHCP in a campus hosted and maintained service.

The DNS/DHCP solution as provided by Infoblox was selected and campus DNS and DHCP services were migrated to the Infoblox DNS and DHCP solution in January 2016.

Over 1500 zones, and more than 1900 dhcp networks are hosted in the campus Infoblox environment.  DNS and DHCP are supported by multiple physical servers in different datacenters across campus and the US.  Since 2016 over 50 campus groups have gained access to manipulate dns and dhcp in Infoblox via the Infoblox GUI and API.

In March 2021, an additional step was taken to enhance DNS security.  DNSSEC, or DNS Security Extensions, was enabled for the DNS zone.  DNSSEC allows a DNS resolver to cryptographically verify the received data is accurate and has not been modified in transit.

Campus customers can request that DNSSEC is enabled for their zone by sending email to  Additionally, campus groups with DNS or DHCP assets can email with any questions about infoblox.

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