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Adding iCloud, AOL and other email accounts to Outlook iOS

Steps and settings to configure Outlook App for iOS device that require the use of an app-specific password.
Open Outlook iOS App on your iPhone device.

Go to Settings >Add Mail Account and select "Add Email Account" (Outlook, Gmail, Exchange, iCloud...).

Enter your iCloud account email address, for example "" and then select Add Account.

You will then be prompted to enter your iCloud password, at this point you must generate an "App-Specific Password" by logging into your Apple ID account management page, see for how to access the app-specific feature and generate a password. Login to your Apple account from another computer so you can view and manage your app-specific password and input into your iPhone in the Outlook App.

After you have input the app-specific password save your settings and return to Outlook settings to configure additional features. You may add additional non-work email accounts to the Outlook App, some do not require the app-specific password, while others do, this information is not always published clearly at the email providers technical support website. The best method to confirm if a app-specific password is required, login to your email account from a computer using the web interface, go to your account management or security and see if the app-specific option is available. 

AOL (America On-Line) email also requires the app-specific feature to be used.

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