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Using the Cisco Room System

Instructions for using the Cisco conference room system

Note: Information on scheduling Webex/Zoom meetings can be found at the links below.

To turn on the system tap the touch screen.

Table of contents:

Share content using the projector screen

    1. Tap the "Share Screen" button


  1. Tap the "Preview" button underneath "AirMedia/HDMI"

  2. Plug your computer into one of the HDMI cables in the tabletops, or use the link projected in the front of the room and the instructions at to connect

Join a Webex meeting in the room

  • From your computer
    1. Open the Webex app and join the meeting

  1. The app should automatically detect the room system.

    If the room number is listed above the Start/Join Meeting button, then it has successfully connected.


    If the room number isn't listed click "Connect to video system" to find and connect to the system.


  2. After you confirm that your computer is connected to the room click the Start/Join Meeting button

  • Manually using the touch panel
    1. Tap the "Join Webex" button


    1. Enter the meeting number and tap "Join"


    1. If the meeting doesn't show on the touch screen tap the "Room Calendar" button


    1. Tap the "Join" button


Join a Zoom meeting in the room

Note: When you join a Zoom meeting the on-screen controls will not work. You must hit '1' on the keypad to view the control menu

  • Manually using the touch panel
    1. Tap the "Zoom" button


    1. Use the on-screen keypad to enter '#', the meeting number, and then '#'


    1. If there is a password on the meeting use the on-screen keypad to enter it followed by '#'

  1. If there are no hosts in the meeting yet you will be prompted for the host key.

    If you are the host, enter your host key followed by '#'. You can find your host key at <a ""=""> under your profile. DiscoverIT recommends changing it to something memorable.

    If you are not the host, then wait to be admitted to the meeting
  • Using OneTouch join

Note: In order to use the OneTouch join you must schedule the Zoom meeting using the instructions at

    1. If the meeting doesn't show on the touch screen tap the "Room Calendar" button


    1. Tap the "Join" button


Turn off the room system

    1. Tap the room name in the top left corner of the screen


  1. Tap "Standby"


Other system controls and features

Camera control

To access the camera controls tap the camera icon in the top right corner


You can change the zoom and where the camera is pointing using the buttons in the camera window


Tapping on the box for Selfview will show a preview of the video on screen

Tapping Overview will set the camera to look at the entire room

Meeting layout

Tapping the meeting layout button will allow you to change how the meeting participants and presenters are organized


Noise cancellation

Tapping the microphone icon will allow you to modify the noise cancellation settings. DiscoverIT recommends that you keep noise cancellation on, but it can be disabled if something is not being picked up by the microphones


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