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How to turn off Condor

This document describes the process of turning Condor off/on on a host.

How to shut down Condor

There two types of shut down that can be initiated:

In both cases, no new jobs will be allowed to start. 

1. Running jobs are allowed to finish. (Wait indefinitely for jobs to finish.)

Run the command below on the host for a peaceful shut down:

condor_off -peaceful

To see if condor is finished shutting down, run the following command on the host:

condor_status $HOSTNAME

Once the condor has shut down, the output from the above command will be empty.

2. Fast shutdown. Quickly shutdown daemons, immediately evicting any running jobs. 

Run the command belowon the host for a fast shut down:

condor_off -fast

Note that condor_off is an administrative command and access is granted on per user basis. If you need access to the command, please contact

How to turn Condor back on

To turn on the condor daemons that were previously shut down, run the condor_on command on the host:


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