WID Data Storage

To access DiscoverIT-hosted storage, you must either be in the Discovery Building, use the Discovery VPN, or the WID UW VPN.

Note: If you are connecting to these drives via a non-Morgridge domain machines, you must add it to your username: MORGRIDGE\username.

Home Directories

Every WID user has access to a DiscoverIT-managed Home Directory for files that are not part of a research project:

  • From Windows: \\home.discovery.wisc.edu\users\username
  • From OSX/Mac: smb://home.discovery.wisc.edu/users/username
  • From Research Computers: /mnt/home/username
The default quota for WID Home Directories is 25 GB. Faculty may request an increase to 500 GB.

Research Data Storage

Data generated for WID research projects is stored in project-specific directories on the DataVault. The size and location of each project folder is determined when the project is initialized at:

To create a new project, you need the PI's name, expected total size of the data, who needs access, and whether this project has a known end date. If the project is open-ended it will be reviewed yearly. If it has a known end date, we will work with you to archive the project after it has been completed.

The DataVault is backed up off-site via rsnapshot (a wrapper for rsync). If files have been accidentally deleted, contact DiscoverIT ASAP as backups may not still be available after 30 days. You can also connect to it from your computer via SMB.

There are currently 4 WID DataVault volumes. These must remain less than 80% utilized to enable proper function, backups, and maintenance. More volumes must be purchased when all existing ones are over 50% allocated.

Each project's entry in the DataStorage system will list the specific folder and vault for each project. In general, they are:

  • From Windows: \\datavault.discovery.wisc.edu\wid\
  • From OSX/Mac: smb://datavault.discovery.wisc.edu/wid/
  • From Research Computers: /mnt/dv/wid/

To view the current usage of each project and volume, visit: https://grafana.discovery.wisc.edu (only accessible from the Discovery Building Network)

File Sharing on FileLocker

Filelocker provides a web-based interface to allow you to securely share large files with people across campus via their NetID logins or around the world via a uniquely generated URL. File access is managed per file and files are permanently deleted once they expire. The default storage quota is 10 GB per person. Email service@discovery.wisc.edu if you need to increase this.

Lab/Team Storage

Some labs provide their own storage servers. These servers are supported by DiscoverIT and can be accessed by the paths listed below. The data currently held in the Document Storage (Retiring) will be transferred to the DataVault throughout 2019.

Resource Windows OSX/Mac
Campus Shares
(Note: use AD\NetID)
WID Admin \\wid.drive.wisc.edu\adminteam smb://wid.drive.wisc.edu/adminteam
Lab Owned Denu Lab, MicroPod, Sridharan Lab \\wid-docs.morgridge.net\WID smb://wid-docs.morgridge.net/WID
Optimization Cluster Share \\opt-fs.discovery.wisc.edu\share smb://opt-fs.discovery.wisc.edu/share
Yin Raw Data Share \\yin-fs.discovery.wisc.edu\rawdata smb://yin-fs.discovery.wisc.edu/rawdata

Resource Windows OSX/Mac
Document Storage
BIONATES \\r2d2-fs3.morgridge.net\turng smb://r2d2-fs3.morgridge.net/turng
Epigenetics \\r2d2-fs3.morgridge.net\denu smb://r2d2-fs3.morgridge.net/denu
Handelsman \\r2d2-fs3.morgridge.net\handelsman smb://r2d2-fs3.morgridge.net/handelsman
Living Environments Laboratory \\r2d2-fs3.morgridge.net\lel smb://r2d2-fs3.morgridge.net/lel
Optimization \\r2d2-fs3.morgridge.net\optimization smb://r2d2-fs3.morgridge.net/optimization
Systems Biology \\r2d2-fs3.morgridge.net\yin smb://r2d2-fs3.morgridge.net/yin

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