Discovery Printers: Windows Setup

This document describes how to set up the Print Queue on Windows. NOTE: We encourage you to set up both the black and white and the color print queues.

Reminder on CORE Printing

  • Color: Color printing is very expensive. Use it sparingly and set your printer to default to black and white.
  • Occupants: The printers are for building occupants only. Friends, other students, etc. are not permitted to use the printers.
  • Research: Printers are for research-related materials only. Do not print non-research related items (e.g., school work).
  • Essential: Printing should be kept to a minimum. We work in a green building and resource conservation is important.

Color Printing Notification

If you've been printing significant amounts of color print jobs, you may receive the following email:

You are receiving this email because you printed more than 100 color pages over the last several weeks at WID. Please be aware that color printing costs 7x more than black and white. We understand that color printing is sometimes necessary, but please make sure your default printing is black and white:

Some large color print jobs, such as brochures and handouts, are best done by the campus print shops. We use them routinely as they have fast turnaround and their printers are better quality. Pat Pointer can answer any questions you have.

NOTE: If you haven't yet associated your WisCard with the printers, do that now following this guide: Discovery Printers: Register at the Printer
  1. Open File Explorer (My Documents)

    File Explorer

    In the address bar, type "\\" then hit enter

    Enter Address

    If your computer is not part of the domain, you will be asked to log in with your network username and password.

    Log in
  2. Double click on "Discovery B&W Print Queue"

    Double click
  3. The print queue will open. Close this window.

  4. Open "Control Panel"

    Click "View Devices and Printers" under "Hardware and Sound"

    Control Panel
  5. Right click on "Discovery B&W Print Queue on" and Select "Set as Default Printer"

    Set as Default

NOTE: The "Discovery B&W Print Queue" prints in black and white by default. To print in color, please repeat the process choosing Discovery Color Print Queue instead so that you have both queues set up.

If you are using a personal computer, you will also need to follow the steps below.

  1. Open file explorer and navigate to This PC/My Computer.

    File Exporer
  2. Click on the Computer tab and select Map Network Drive.

    Select Map Network Drive
  3. Enter \\\pcclient for the folder and make sure BOTH boxes are checked.

    Enter path
  4. Enter your username as morgridge\YOURUSERNAME and your password. Also make sure that the box is checked.

    Enter username
  5. This drive needs to be connected in order for the print system to see the correct username for your computer.

    If after restarting you are unable to print, open File Explorer and make sure that the drive is connected. If it is disconnected, simply try and open the drive and it will reconnect using the credentials you entered earlier in the setup.

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