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Poster Printing: Acrobat on Mac/OS X

The following are instructions for printing posters on a DiscoverIT Plotter using Max/OS X in Adobe Acrobat.


  • Two poster printers are located in the hallway near IT.
  • You must use one of the computers in the hallway to print to the plotters.
  • The maximum paper width our printers can use is 42".
  • If you have trouble printing or need additional paper, please enter the IT room and someone will be happy to assist you.
  • The printers warn very early about being low on ink. We monitor these levels and your poster will still print correctly.


  1. Open the file

  2. Go to File --> Properties

  3. Make sure that your poster is the correct size. If it is not, you will need to resize it.

  4. Go to File --> Print (⌘P)

  5. Make sure that "Fit" and "Auto portrait/landscape" are selected, and "Choose paper source by PDF page size" is deselected.

  6. Click "Page Setup"

  7. Select the correct size for your poster. Select "Portrait" if your poster is taller than it is wide or "Landscape" if your poster is wider than it is tall and click "OK"

  8. If you do not see your poster size in the list select "Mange Custom Sizes"

  9. Click the "+" to add a paper size. THE WIDTH MUST BE SMALLER THAN THE HEIGHT. Give the size a proper name such as '36" x 42"', set the size, and click "OK"

  10. Click the "Printer..." button

  11. Under "Quality and Media" make sure the print quality is set to "Standard"

  12. Press "Print"

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