Basic Discord FAQ

Some basic information on using Discord while we're working from home

Once you have discord installed, clicking the second two links will add you to the Discord "Servers"

Servers can be thought of as large overarching groups i.e. WID and Morgridge

In each server is at least one voice channel. To join a voice channel, simply click on the name

Channels can be thought of as subgroups or departments

To disconnect from the voice channel click the icon that looks like a phone with an 'x' below the list of channels

Its recommended that you turn on push to talk for your microphone. This will make it so that you're only heard when you press a key/button

  1. Open settings (gear icon at the bottom of the channel list)

  2. Click "Voice & Video" under the "App Settings" header

  3. Click the box for "Push to Talk"

  4. In the shortcut box, enter the key you would like to use

    Note: This should be a key you don't use often. The "~" works well in Windows

  5. Once you have the key entered, click "Stop Recording"

  6. Exit the settings menu

By right clicking on a username, you can see advance options for that account such as:

  • Adjusting the volume of that account. Useful if one person sounds to loud to you

  • Send a private DM

  • Call that person

  • Tag the person in a message

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