Voicemail Access

This guide discusses two methods of accessing the voicemail on your phone


DiscoverIT provides voicemail access by request for the phones in Discovery. Depending on how it's set up, you can have several different features including getting voicemail forwarded to your email. Contact service@discovery.wisc.edu if you have any questions about how your voicemail is set up. Once it's set up, there are two main ways of accessing voicemail on your phone: either pressing the Messages button on the phone or dialing into your voicemail.

Messages button

Each phone should have a button on it for voicemail. Often times it is labeled and looks like 7945G messages button or 6900 messages button.

If you only have one line on your phone (this is the most common case), just press that Messages button and input your voicemail PIN when prompted. If you're not sure what it is, it was set to 124578 by default when your voicemail was created, so try that. If you have more than one line on your phone, press the button for the line you want to check first and when you hear a dial tone, then press the messages button.

If you hear "Invalid Entry", it's because you entered the wrong PIN. It will ask you for an ID, which is your extension (the last four digits of your number) and then you can try again.

Note: if you hear "Hello. Cisco Unity Connection Messaging System" after pressing the Messages button instead of a PIN prompt this means your voicemail is not set up. Contact DiscoverIT at service@discovery.wisc.edu to set up voicemail on your line.

Dialing in

You can dial into your voicemail from any phone, including ones not on our phone system. To do so, dial your number and let it ring through to voicemail. Once it stops ringing and you hear the voicemail script, press * (star) on your phone. For ID, put your extension (the last four digits on your phone number) and for PIN put your voicemail PIN. It will then allow you to check your messages.

Note: if you are told "Invalid" entry you either have the PIN wrong or don't have voicemail on your extension. Contact DiscoverIT at service@discovery.wisc.edu to determine where the issue is and possibly get your voicemail PIN reset.

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