1. 2307 Cisco Webex Mini Kit – Alternate USB Audio/Video Connection Instructions
  2. 4336 Cisco Webex Room Kit USB & HDTV Instructions
  3. Discovery Building Password Policy
  4. Grants Applications in WID or Morgridge
  5. WID IT Accounts and Building Access [Campus login required]
  6. Webex Registration
  7. Mapping a Network Drive in Windows 10
  8. Remotely Connecting to Windows Machines with Remote Desktop Connection
  9. Accessing your Adobe Account
  10. Crestron Airmedia Guest Mac OS X Instructions [Campus login required]
  11. Discovery Building Visitor Registry
  12. Approving System Extensions and Full Disk Access for Cisco AMP
  13. Obtaining a Digital ID (Email Certificate)
  14. Renew Email Certificate
  15. Joining a Webex Meeting on Mac
  16. WID Room Reservations and Events in the Discovery Building
  17. Ordering a New Computer
  18. Borrowing a Computer from DiscoverIT
  19. Discovery Events
  20. Discovery Building