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PAGpagination sheet
Page counttotal number of pages in a book including blanks
Pantone Matching System(PMS) Industry standard for ink mixing
PBperfect bind / perfect bound
Perf (Perforation)a series of small cuts at regular intervals usually made to help a sheet tear apart evenly
Perfect bindtype of binding that uses glue on the spine of the sheets to adhere a cover to the sheets, like a phone book
Perfectingsee page 14, job F141491 for example
Picaunit of measurement. One pica = 1/6 inch
Plate gapgripper space. The area where the grippers hold the sheet as it passes through the press
PMSPantone Matching System (see Pantone Matching System definition)
PMS 200the mixed ink graphic standard for UW printing; also UW red
Punchtypically 44 hole (on 11" sheet of paper) on the binding-edge of a sheet of paper, created by punching the paper using a die that punches out the holes