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Samplerough layout of a printed piece showing position and finished size
Scorean intentional crease made in paper to help eliminate cracking when folded
Self covera cover of the same paper as inside text pages
Sheetwiseto use a separate plate for front and back printing, using the same gripper and guide for both sides of the sheet
Side guidethe mechanical register unit on a printing press that positions a sheet from the side
Signaturea sheet of printed pages that when folded become part of a publication (i.e., book, magazine, etc.)
Single-sidedonly one side of the page is printed, meaning the back side of each page is blank
Spinethe binding edge of a publication (i.e., book, magazine, etc.)
SSsingle-sided (see single-sided definition)
Stack by page or subsetto keep each piece separate or independent
Step-and-repeatthe process of placing the same image on a single sheet or page of a document multiple times
Stockthe material to be printed on
Subseta defined part of a set
SWSheetwise (see sheetwise definition)