DPPS - Creative Services

Digital Publishing & Printing Services can provide you with all your graphic design needs. We have a staff of talented designers with the skills and experience to create any publication you can envision. Creative Services works closely with our customers as well as our production departments and mailing service to flag potential problems and ensure that your publications are aesthetically pleasing and cost effective. We offer graphic design, typesetting, scanning & layout as well as web design.

Design Services

Graphic Design

Digital Photography

We offer creative digital photography, both on location and in studio. Our graphic designers can layout and design any photographic project and enhance your brochure, catalog or course book.

Variable Data

The use of Variable Data allows you to change images, message and address without slowing or stopping the press. This type of marketing can offer a decrease in overall print cost, improved response rates, better customer service, and enhanced productivity.

Web Design Services

Digital Publishing & Printing Services Web Design Group can provide you with all your web design needs. Our web design staff has the skills and experience to create a web site targeting your desired audience.

Our Web Design Group uses the latest equipment, software and technology. We can provide hosting services through the UW-Madison’s Division of Information Technology or create the site on your existing Internet Service Provider’s server.

Our design staff specialize in creative alternatives, when converting a static text site to an esthetically pleasing and web accessible site. Our graphic design and web programmers can develop a professional and functional web template so your web pages can be easily maintained, even when accessed by multiple content providers.

Contact our Customer Service with any questions or to receive a free consultation.


Thomas J. Harron,

Advanced Media / Web Designer

Phone: (608) 265-4998

E-mail: tjharron@wisc.edu