DPPS - Online Store - Placing an online printing order.

This page contains information on ordering printing products and services from UW DoIT Digital Publishing & Printing Services in the Online Ordering System.

Logging in the Online Ordering System

Our site can be accessed by going to http://www.uwdoitprintingstore.org.

Front Login

  1. Login to your Account

Enter in your Email and your Password to enter the online system.

   The Login Button

If you check the box above the LOGIN TO YOUR ACCOUNT button you will login directly to your account screen. This screen will allow you to edit your address and contact information. 

2. Department Portals

The account screen also allows you to select a different store portal. Department portals can be created to provide a private selection of products and categories. 

The main portal for ordering printing is the DoIT Digital Publishing & Printing Services. You must check the edit your account checkbox on the login page to set your default Portal. You can change between portals by selecting Edit Account when you are logged into the system. This will move you to the selected portal until the next time you log in the system.

Portal Selection from the Account Screen

3. Select a Category of Products

The online store has a multitude of categories of products. Each product is there to provide you with the base information on a product and asks you information that we need to process your print order. 

Example Category page

Example of a Simple Order

4. Select product and enter in information on your project

Fill out the details of the print order and select "Add to Cart >>"

5. Confirm order

You must confirm your order before the print job will be sent to Customer Service. Press SUBMIT ORDER or EDIT ORDER to revise information.

Screenshot of the Order Confirmation Screen

6. Shopping Cart

You will now be in your shopping cart. You can continue shopping or Checkout to the shipping and billing information.

Screenshot of the Shopping Cart Screen

7. Billing, Proof, and Shipping Screen

Fill out the Funding information, Billing contacts, Shipping method and address. There is an optional Proof contact spot available if you have a different proofer than the main contact. Press PROCEED >> to submit final order. You will receive an email confirmation of your order as soon as our system receives the request. You will receive another confirmation from our Customer service department when your order has been placed into production. 

Screenshop of the Order Cart.

8. Question, Comments, and Confusion

Contact our main office with any questions, comments or if you need us to walk you through the process of ordering our products and services. 

If you have questions about printing or any of the services available at
UW DoIT Digital Publishing & Printing Services, please contact us:

Business office hours are Monday-Friday, 7:45 AM-4:30 PM CST.

Main Office Phone Number: 608/262-3461
Main Office Fax Number: 608/262-5747