DPPS - Online Store - The email address entered is not registered in our system

This page contains instructions for finding your password for the UW DoIT Digital Publishing & Printing Services Online Ordering System.

The DPPS Order System will display "The email address entered is not registered in our system." if you have not registered or have entered the incorrect password. You can verify your account exists and retrieve your password by completing the following actions.

Screenshot of dialog box with error message

Step 1) Enter in your email address in the Email Address Field.

     Screenshot of Email Address dialog box

Step 2) Press the orange RETRIEVE PASSWORD button.

     Screenshot of the Retrieve Password button

Step 3) You will see a "Password has been sent to your email address." message if your account is active in our system.

Screenshot of Password has been sent message.

Step 4) Check your email for a password reminder email. 

Step 5) Verify your password works been entering in your email and password. Now press the Login to your Account Button.

OPTIONAL STEP) If you password does not work you can contact our customer service for help. 

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