Doodle - Scheduling an event

To schedule an event using Doodle, you need to create a poll. This document explains how to do so.
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Scheduling an event

  1. Optional: If you want your poll to be associated with your Doodle account, log in

  2. To begin scheduling an event, click on Schedule event as shown below

  3. The splash page is shown

  4. You will then need to enter some general information for your event, including a title and description as well as your name and email address as shown below. See Doodle - Unable to schedule an event using a non-WiscMail ( email address if you have trouble proceeding beyond this step.

    The first step of creating an event is shown

  5. You will then need to select at least one potential date for your poll. You can add or remove dates by clicking on them in the calendar view. You can also remove dates you've selected by clicking the red x beside each date.


  6. You must then specify at least one option for the poll. For example, you could enter the times shown below. You can also use these fields for other purposes such as determining location, duration of the event, etc. They are essentially free form.

    If you need more time slots, click Add further time slots. If you would like to duplicate the first row of values for all subsequent dates, click Copy and paste first row.


  7. Optional: If you click on Options, you can set additional options as shown below.


  8. Once you've finished creating the poll, you will receive the confirmation page shown below.

    Poll Created: The title of your event...

Sending out your poll

Once you've created the event poll, you can manually email the Participation link to the event attendees. You can also use Doodle to send out these invitations.

Administering the poll

You will need the Administration link to view poll results. If you were logged in when you created the poll, you can view the poll via MyDoodle. Otherwise, the Administration link should have been sent to the email address you provided during the poll creation. If you have lost the Administration link and cannot find it in your email or in MyDoodle, you will need to create a new poll.

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