ECMS - Scanner Purchase and Implementation

This document details the process for purchasing and implementing a scanner for use with the Imaging System at UW-Madison.


  1. The Imaging Team will consult with the School/College/Division/Department (work group) and choose a model from ECMS - Imaging Service Recommended Scanners that will best suit the group's needs.

  2. The work group will:

    1. engage with their purchasing agent to purchase the specified scanner to be delivered to the work group.

    2. provide the Imaging Team a quote of the intended purchase for review prior to making the purchase.

  3. The Imaging Team will review the quote prior to purchase to verify consistency with the scanner chosen in step 1 and provide feedback to the workgroup.

  4. When the work group has initiated the purchase of the scanner, they will alert the Imaging Team and provide a department ID that can be billed against, so that Imaging can purchase a CaptureNow License (if needed) from Hyland. The Imaging Team will bill this purchase back to the work group.


When the School/College/Division/Department (work group) has accepted delivery of their scanner, the following steps should be followed:

  1. The work group IT staff will:

    1. Create a role account for use by your scanning personnel when logging into this workstation. The role account should have local administrator access.
    2. Unbox, and install the scanner hardware and software to the computer workstation according to the instructions from Fujitsu that come with the scanner.
    3. Update to the most recent drivers from Fujitsu
    4. Verify that the scanner functions by scanning a document using both Windows Fax and Scan and Paperstream Capture
    5. Install the ImageNow client as described (specifically as a local admin on the workstation) at [Link for document 31846 is unavailable at this time]
    6. Verify that the ImageNow Printer has been installed.
  2. The work group will:

    1. Register the scanner with Fujitsu at
    2. Verify the post-warranty support with Fujitsu by contacting them
    3. Consider post-warranty support if the work group has not already purchased it, unless they have the knowledge and resources to repair scanner.
    4. Alert your Imaging onboarding contact that your scanner is ready for configuration with the Imaging client.

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