ECMS - Use JIRA to Request Add/Change/Delete User Account for Imaging Service

In order to add new users or change existing users to the Imaging Service, you must use the JIRA issue tracking software tool supported by UW-Madison, Division of Information Technology (DoIT). When a Department Lead or Data Custodian creates an issue in JIRA to add or change a user account for Imaging, that issue is assigned to the Security Team at DoIT for resolution.

This document describes how a Department Lead or Data Custodian would use JIRA to create an issue for adding, changing or deleting user accounts for the Perceptive Content (Imaging) Service. Note: Data Custodians in need of technical support should use the information on this page to request it.

Note: Users need to have an active appointment in PeopleSoft HRS to use the Imaging Service.

Log into JIRA to Create Issue for Add, Change, Delete User Account for Imaging Service

  1. Log into the JIRA issue tracking product by clicking on URL:
  2. In the University of Wisconsin System authentication page, select your organization/campus, and click Go.
  3. In the University of Wisconsin - [campus name] Login screen, enter your campus NetID and Password; press either Enter or click Log in.
  4. (The JIRA main menu displays automatically).

  5. From the JIRA main menu, click Create to create a new issue.
  6. JIra Main Menu

  7. In the Create Issue window, all required fields are marked with a red asterisk character ( * ). From the Create Issue screen:
    a. Click in the Project field, and select Imaging Security (IMAGING) from the drop-down menu.
    b. Click in the Issue Type field, and select Task from the drop-down menu.
    c. In the Summary field, enter a brief summation of the issue; not the full detailed description which you'll enter later. Note: The Summary field acts as the title of the issue.
    d. In the optional Priority field, the default value is Major. You can either accept this default value or click on the drop-down menu and choose another option that reflects the priority of the request (e.g. Critical, Minor).
  8. Create Issue Initial Screen

  9. The Create Issue screen now shows three new fields for Due Date, Reporter, and Assignee located after the Priority field and before the Description field.
    a. In the optional Due Date field, the default is set to the current date. You may leave as is or click on the calendar icon to select the desired due date in day/month/year format.
    b. The Reporter field defaults to your name, as the person creating the issue.
    c. The Assignee field allows you to assign the issue to another individual or Team name. Click on the drop-down menu, and select Team: Imaging Sec Req.

    Additional fields for Create Issue_Screen 1 of 2

  10. The 10 items listed below are required for all requests. This information may be added to the Description field or it may be part of an attached document.
    Note: Attached documents allow you to make multiple requests and gather the required information before creating the JIRA issue.

    • Imaging Database Environment: [Production / Test]
    • Change Request Type: [Add/Change/Inactivate] User
    • Campus ID: Example: UW-Madison NetID, UW-Milwaukee Panther ID, etc.
    • Full Name: [User's full name]
    • Type of Employment: [FTE/LTE/Student]
    • Full UDDS (Business Unit,Division,Department,Sub-department): [Example: A067130] - Include the campus letter designation
    • Email Address: [UserEmailAddress]
    • Batch Security Required? [Yes or No]
    • Group Name(s): [GroupName(s)]
    • Type of Group Change: [Add/Remove]
  11. If you are making multiple user requests, you can attach a file by clicking the Select files button in the Attachment section.
  12. Attach the completed ImageNow Compliance Form to the request. See ECMS - ImageNow Compliance Form.

  13. Additional fields for Create Issue_Screen 2 of 2

  14. The Create Issue screen also shows additional fields for Category, Module and Epic Link below the Attachment section. Note: The Epic Link field is not used by the Imaging Service and can be ignored.
    a. In the Category field, click on the drop-down menu, and select User Request.
    b. The Module field displays the group name of all areas on campus who use the Imaging Service. Click on the drop-down menu, and select the name of your group (e.g. Accounting Services).
    Note: The name selected in the Module field is considered the primary module owner.
  15. Click Create.
    a. JIRA displays the newly created issue and automatically assigns a tracking identifier beginning with the words, "IMAGING" followed by a number (e.g. IMAGING-2346).
    b. The default Status of the issue will be set to Open.
    Note: If you receive an error and the issue is not created, please contact the DoIT Help Desk.
  16. Jira Issue Created

Add a Watcher to your JIRA Issue

The People section of your newly created JIRA issue shows a Watchers field with a zero icon Number zero icon next to it. The zero numbered icon means no one is watching this issue yet. If you want to include other people on the activity of your JIRA issue, you can add them as a Watcher. Watchers receive email notifications of changes, but aren't necessarily responsible for the issue.

People section with number of Watchers as zero

  1. To add someone as a Watcher to your JIRA issue, click the zero icon Number zero icon to display an Add Watchers window.
  2. Add Watchers window

  3. In the Add Watchers window, start typing the name(s) of the people you want to follow this issue. As you begin to type, JIRA will auto-populate their names. If a person is listed multiple times (e.g. their Campus ID is listed and they belong to a group), they will receive multiple emails for the same JIRA activity change.
    Note: After adding at least one person as a Watcher, the number icon changes from zero to display the total number of people added as Watchers Number one icon .

Remove a Watcher from your JIRA Issue

    Stop watching this issue screen
  1. To remove someone as a Watcher to your JIRA issue, click the numbered icon Numbered icon located to the right of the Watchers field. (The Add Watchers window displays).
  2. In the Add Watchers window, locate the user(s) you want removed, and click on the trash can icon to the right of their name.
  3. Trashcan icon to remove Watchers

Options for JIRA Requests Needing Multiple Office Approvals

If your JIRA issue requires multiple offices to approve the request, there are two options:

  1. The requestor can add the additional approver(s) as a Watcher and request they post an approval notice as a Comment in JIRA so that the Security Team at DoIT is aware of their approval. This option is proactive and speeds up the JIRA completion process.
  2. You can wait for the Security Team at DoIT to notify the additional approver(s) that more information is needed. This option is reactive and delays the JIRA completion process.

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