ECMS - Common login errors

This document details several common errors that can occur when attempting to log into the Imaging System via Perceptive Content, Perceptive Experience.

Error Message: Perceptive Content failed to establish client session using OpenID Connect

This error could be caused by using incorrectly configured connection profiles. To verify/create the correct connection profiles please see ECMS - Log into Perceptive Desktop Client and ECMS - Creating Imaging Account Connection Profiles

If the connection profiles have been verified, another possibility is that the end-user is not using the current version of the client. In the Perceptive Content initial launch screen click About > make note of the first line, it should "Perceptive Content Client Foundation 23.1 or higher! If you need to updated your client please contact your workstation support.

Error Message: The system cannot establish a connection. Re-enter User name and/or Password. (Perceptive Content)

This error can be appear for a number of reasons:

  • Incorrect credentials

Ensure that you are entering your credentials correctly. Unless logging into an administrator account, use with your NetID password.

  • Not authorized for the Imaging System

Users must be granted access to the Imaging System before being able to log in. If you have not been authorized for the Imaging System, please see ECMS - Getting authorized for the Imaging System.

  • Account is inactive

If you have previously been able to access the Imaging System but are now unable to, it is possible that your account has been deactivated. The most common reason for this is a position change that places you with a different department/UDDS. To determine whether or not your account is active, please contact the DoIT Help Desk.

Error Message: The ImageNow Server network connection is temporarily unavailable. Try your request again later. (Perceptive Content)

This error can be caused by the following:

    • Not on campus network

Please ensure that you are connected to the campus network via ethernet cable or WiscVPN. This is required to access the Imaging System.

    • Incorrect/missing connection profile

Please ensure that the connection profile in Perceptive Content is configured correctly. See ECMS - Creating Connection Profiles for instructions. Most users, unless otherwise instructed, should be connecting to the production server. If the error persists after verifying that the connection profile is configured correctly, please contact the DoIT Help Desk.

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