ECMS - Missing Capture Profiles in Perceptive Content

This document details what to do when a workstation is missing its set of captures profiles for entering documents into the system.

In the Imaging System, a capture profile stores a collection of settings used to describe a document when it is entered into the system via a scanner or the ImageNow printer. Capture profiles are stored in a file titled inscan.xml. Occasionally, the inscan.xml file for a given user on a given workstation may become corrupt and be replaced with a default copy. When this happens, the default capture profiles look like this:


If this happens, the inscan.xml version specific to that workstation's department/group should be replaced from a backup in the following location:

  • [drive]:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\ImageNow

Note: If open, Perceptive Content should be closed before replacing the inscan.xml file.

As a best practice, a departmental copy of the inscan.xml file should be placed in Program Files:

  • [drive]:\<Program Files> or <Program Files (x86)>\ImageNow

When a given user opens Perceptive Content for the first time, the inscan.xml file is copied from the Program Files directory into their AppData directory. Placing the departmental inscan.xml file into the Program Files directory can potentially avoid capture profile issues in the future.

The Imaging Team does not keep copies of inscan.xml files for the various departments that use the system. It is the responsibility of each department (typically departmental IT staff) to keep and maintain a backup of their inscan.xml file. If the file is lost, the capture profiles will need to be manually rebuilt.

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