Setting up a Personal Focus on an iPhone

Your iPhone has the ability to turn off work notifications outside business hours. This KB will detail the bare bones of how to do this, there are more detailed options that this document won't get into but Apple can provide you.

Setting up a Personal Focus

  1. Open Settings on your iPhone
  2. Select Focus from the list
  3. Select Personal from the existing list OR click the + in the upper left and select Personal from the list (Note: you can call this whatever you want and select Custom from the + list)
  4. Give your focus a name, a color and an icon
  5. Select Next and select Customize Focus
  6. On this screen you will select the people who you either WANT or DON'T want to contact you, for a Personal Focus this is optional
  7. Click "Choose Apps" and select "Silence Notifications From" add your email app and your Teams app and any additional work related apps you do not want notifications from (Note: Selecting Calendar here can cause you to miss event notifications you wanted)
  8. You have the option to select a specific "home" screen such as an image of a beloved pet or family member(s)
  9. You can select Smart Activation if you'd like, this will learn when you like to use it and either turn it on automatically or recommend at expected times
  10. At the bottom under Focus Filters - you can add a filter here IF you use separate calendars you can allow only home calendars. You can also select to only allow personal e-mail inbox if you use Apple Mail for both personal and work emails

For Apple's Documentation - including images - on setting up a focus, please click here.

Using a Personal Focus

  1. When you want to use your focus, swipe into the phone from the upper right, bringing in the Control Center
  2. Select the Focus option and from the list of Focuses select your Personal (or whatever name you gave it) Focus

If you would like any assistance with a focus or have any questions, please contact the MERIT Public Service Desk.

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