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Windows 10 Support Statement (MERIT)

Posted: 16:23:34, Friday, Jul 31, 2015   Expiration: 16:23:34, Wednesday, Dec 30, 2015  

At this time, MERIT is not officially supporting Windows 10. Additional compatibility testing is needed before support can be confirmed in our environment.

Please note that at this time MERIT is not supporting the newly released Windows 10 operating system.  We will first need to perform compatibility tests of it in our environment.  Your School of Education desktop computer should not display an upgrade prompt, but if you are prompted on your MERIT-supported system, please refrain from upgrading your system.  We will notify you when we can begin supporting Windows 10.

Please contact the MERIT Help Desk (helpdesk@education.wisc.edu) with additional questions about Windows 10.

-- School of Education: Brenda Spychalla

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