How to use it and what to do if it won't open

JEMS is a web based an HR Java applet used to manage various HR functions including position and rate changes. 

A Java applet is a special piece of software that runs on the web from a browser, it's not a very secure type of software since running software in the browser is one of the ways viruses and other malware can be installed onto a computer. Due to this weakness, Java requests a very high level of security which JEMS doesn't quite reach, so there are a few hoops to jump through to get JEMS up and running.

JEMS can only be used if a user is on the VPN.

JEMS is very picky about what browser is being used, the first thing to try when the Java applet won't open is another browser. There was a time where it would only run in Internet Explorer, currently (6/2021) it seems to prefer Chrome on a PC. It will only run in Safari on a Mac.

For a first time PC user, the first step is to install Java then add to the exceptions list which tells Java "yeah, we know this software isn't that secure but please run it for us anyway." It is unclear why, but in the School of Education, we generally see the need to run Configure Java "as administrator" (right click on Configure Java on the Start Menu and choose "Run as Administrator" then adding the site to the exceptions list

For a first time Mac user, the first step is to install Java then add to the exceptions list (in System Preferences), then download the applet and click to run. The user needs to approve several times, including going into System Preferences/Security and Privacy and saying yes allow it to run, at this point the user may need to click to run the applet again and give more final approvals saying "yes, we really do want to run this" then it should open

For a PC user who has previously used JEMS and it's no longer work, first thing (as mentioned above) is to try a different browser. If that doesn't work and it still won't open, we have found a way to fix it: 

  1. Using File Explorer, navigate to the the Java folder (Program Files(x86)) and delete it
  2. Go to and run the Java uninstall tool
  3. Agree to delete every version that's currently on the system
  4. Download the 32 bit version, currently on this list as "Windows Online" 
  5. Run and install the 32 bit version (it is good practice here to give the new location the file Java2 to disassociate completely with the old version that stopped working)
  6. From the Start Menu navigate to the Java folder, right click on "Configure Java" and choose Run as Administrator
  7. Add the site to the exceptions list
  8. Have the user open JEMS, accept all risk and continue past all the warnings that pop up
  9. JEMS should open at this point

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