(SOE) - Transferring Audio from Olympus Digital Voice Recorder to MP3 Files

This document details how to convert audio files from the Olympic Digital Voice Recorders (WMA) to MP3 files.

Transferring Audio from Olympus Digital Voice Recorder to MP3 Files

1. Pull the bottom of the digital voice recorder down to access the USB port. (There is a "release" button on the back).

2. Plug the recorder into the USB Port. A window will pop up that looks like this:


Click on "Open folder to view files".

3. Click on the folder you want to open (whichever folder you recorded your material in). 


4. For example, I opened folder A. It looks like this, and shows all of the audio files within the folder.


5. Click on the audio file you want to convert. A sidebar will pop up to play the audio.


6. Drag the file you want to convert to MP3 to the desktop.


7. Hit the "Back" button in the "My Computer" window. This will take you to the screen with all of the folders. There will also be file conversion software here. Click the PC or Mac conversion software (depending on which type of computer you're using).


8. After you click "PC (Windows XP) file conversion software", you will be taken to a screen that looks like this. Click "winff".


9. After clicking "winff", a window will pop up. Drag the WMA file from the desktop to this window. Change the "Output folder" to wherever you want the MP3 saved. Then click "Convert". The MP3 file will then show up on the desktop.


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