SOE-AD User Account Names (MERIT-ONLY)

This document describes MERIT's naming practice, when establishing new accounts in SoE's Active Directory (SOE-AD) service.


Effective January 5, 2015, MERIT staff will create new SOE-AD account names based on first initial of given name and surname. For example, a new SOE-AD account request for Bucky Badger would result in the account name of "bbadger". This account naming practice complies with the UW-Madison Appropriate Use Standards for NetID.


This naming practice only applies to:
  • New accounts. Existing account names remain unchanged.
  • MERIT-supported accounts. SOE-AD accounts created by non-MERIT technology staff will adhere to their own local, existing practices.


The following exceptions are:
  • uniqueness - For example, if bbadger already exists in the SOE-AD directory, and a new account request is received for Becky Badger, then middle initial after first initial or a number after surname would be applied to new account name. Uniqueness must be followed in all cases.
  • legal name is one name - For example, if a new account request is received where person has only a single name as their legal name, then the full legal name would be the account name.
  • combination of first initial of given name and full surname is longer than 8 characters - In this case, a truncated version could be applied upon request.
  • offensiveness - For example, if the combination of first initial of given name and surname is inappropriate, a truncated or mutually agreed upon version could be applied.
For additional exceptions or requests, MERIT IT Consultants will decide the account name on a case-by-case basis.


For questions regarding this naming practice, please contact Brenda Spychalla, MERIT.

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