Printing (SoE Only) - Adding Printer by PrintServer

Below are instructions on how to add School of Education Printers with Print Server. This is the recommend way of adding printers.

  • Windows 10
    • 1. Open up 'Printers & Scanners'. To do this, search on the tool bar for printers and 'Printers & Scanners' will come up. See picture below.


      2. Choose 'Add a printer or scanner'


      3. Then you should scroll down the list until you find 'The Printer I want isn't listed' and click on it.


      4. Choose 'Find a printer in the directory, based on location or feature'

      6A. Find the printer in the list and click on it.  See 'Finding Printer Name' below if you don't already know your printer name. You can sort by name by clicking on 'Name'.

      6B. Then click 'OK' to continue.


      7. Click next on the following page and it will bring you to a page that lets you print a test page. We recommend printing a test page here to make sure the printer was added correctly. After that you can click finish and your printer will be successfully added then!

  • Mac
    • 1. Click on the apple in the top left of your screen and choose 'System Preferences'


      2. Choose 'Printers & Scanners' 


      3. Click on the '+' below the list of printers. 


      4. Click on the 'IP' tab.


      5. Fill in the following fields:


      Protocol: Line Printer Daemon - LPD

      Queue: Enter the printer name here. See 'Finding Printer Name' below for this.

      Name: This can be whatever name you want the printer to show up as on your computer

      Location and Use you can leave for now. If the printer does not work adding this way look below for additional steps to try.


      6. After filling in the information above, click add. Another page may come up asking if you want duplex printing. Check the box to allow you to print double sided. See below.


      7. We highly recommend trying to print a test page after adding printers to ensure they were added correctly. Try printing your own document or double click on the printer in the list and choose 'Printer' on the top tool bar and 'Print Test Page'.

      doubleclickprinter.png printtestpage.png

      If you are unable to print using the above steps, follow these additional steps

      Find the printer driver from the manufacturer website and download it. Depending on what type of printer you will go to one of these websites and search for the model: HP Printers  ( , SHARP Printers ( , CANON Printers ( .  Once you download the file click on it to install it.   Then click on the printer you added previously and click on the minus sign.  Follow the above steps again until you get to number 5.  Here you will now click on use and click select software (see below).  Then you can search for the printer's driver that you just installed.   After you select the driver you can click add and continue with the above directions.  

  • Finding Printer Name
    • On your printer there should be a label with the printer name on. It is usually on a yellow label and the name is in the form of 'department-model'. If there is no label on your printer you should look through the settings for an option that says print configuration page or print network configuration. On the printed page(s) please then look for the 'Host Name' and that will be the printer name. As there are many different models of printers in the School of Education, we can not have directions on how to get the configuration page for every printer on here. For assistance finding the printer name, please contact our help desk at or (608)265-4773.

If you run into any questions with the above directions please reach out to the MERIT Help Desk at or (608) 265-4773.

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