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Finding Analytics for your Email Campaign

Once you have sent an email, you can easily find the analytics related to that email.

Congratulations! You sent a campaign! Now, what? 

You can check out your email's analytics in a few places:

Open the email to check analytics on all sends

By opening the email's analytics, you will be looking at the metrics for every send of this email. If you sent multiple campaigns and/or to multiple segments, all of the metrics associated with those campaigns and segments will be in this spot.

  1. Navigate to your email (Assets > Emails > [your folders]) and open it.
  2. On the right side of the screen, you'll see a little tab sticking out. Click on the graph icon:


  1. You will see a list of reports available. The bottom two are a good starting point:


  1. Email Performance Dashboard will give you a graphic overview of the email's performance link activity and click map.
  2. Email Analysis by Email contains measurements (numbers) of your email. Some of these are linked to subreports you can run. (Click the blue, linked text.)

Open the campaign to check analytics on one send

You can refer to just one campaign (or send)'s analytics. If you sent an email multiple times, opening the campaign only shows one send.

  1. Open the campaign by navigating through Orchestration > Campaigns > [your folders] and selecting your campaign. You can view the metrics for an active or completed campaign. (There are no metrics for a campaign in draft mode.)
  2. You can see the campaign's performance, segment, as well as participants and exclusions, and if you performed A/B testing, the results of your test. 

Access the Analytics menu

  1. If you navigate to Analytics, you can access graphic dashboards (under Dashboards) and Excel-type reports (in Insight, also known as Oracle Business Intelligence).
  2. You can pull metrics based off of campaign, email, engagement, and many other factors.
  3. These can be somewhat dense to navigate through, so please contact the Marketing Automation Team if you would like more assistance on this.

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