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Solutions to Common Issues in Eloqua

I uploaded my list of contacts (and even got a confirmation email), but they aren't showing. What's up?

  • First, you used your contact label, right? Your contact label is unique to your user group but is not an email group, segment or list. It is the same every time you upload a list. If any of this doesn't make sense, please reach out to
  • Did you give it some time? Don't forget, uploading your contacts is a two-step process. The first step simply adds them to Eloqua. The second step adds your contact label, which allows anyone in your group to access those contacts. The second step of adding the contact label is not instantaneous, and currently is taking longer than usual. If you can, wait a bit to see if the contacts appear.
  • If you still aren't seeing your contacts appear, or you can't wait, please email for help. Please include the name of your shared list (not segment) where you uploaded your contacts.

Uh oh. I sent an email and the Sender Email Address didn't end in What now?

  • The Marketing Automation team will find the hard bounces and reset UW addresses so others can use them.
  • Then, the Marketing Automation team will attempt to find any other affected user groups who attempted to send after your email hard bounced.

When I open my sent campaign, it says there are a lot of "excludes" (not many people received the email). What does that mean? How do I fix it?

I saved an email as a new file and changed to a new email group, but why didn't my footer change?

  • First, good job on going to File > Save As, to duplicate your email!
  • Although footers are determined by email groups when you create a new email from scratch, they do not change when you duplicate an email, even if you change the email group. Instead, you should manually find the footer you need.
  • Open your Email Group Details spreadsheet that was sent to you. Find the email group you're using and follow that row across to see your desired footer.
  • Then, in Eloqua, open your email, click on the footer, and look to the control panel on the left side of the screen. Under Footer Properties, click Replace. Navigate to your user group folder and the desired footer.
  • Do not click Edit and change your footer, as this changes it in every email it's attached to (or will be used in.)

While creating my email, I can't find the horizontal formatting bar. Where did it go?

  • If you create and edit emails in the drag-and-drop design editor, you are used to the formatting bar.

  • But sometimes, it seems to disappear. This happens when you have a very long text block. The formatting bar will sometimes appear at the end of a text block instead or may just struggle to show at all.
  • To solve this, break your text into multiple text blocks, so they are more manageable. Your formatting bar will be easier to see and find.

I'm in the Design Editor and can't make the horizontal line/text block/photo as wide as I want. How do I fix this?

I exported contacts or ran a report, and I received an email with a link. But when I click on it, why am I asked to log in?

When you download an exported list or report from Eloqua, it wants you to be logged in to our instance of Eloqua. Just as you need to be logged in to build an email, you also have to be logged in to download data. The easiest way to address this is open the report or list in Firefox.

  • Open the email with the link you want.
  • Right-click the link and select Copy Hyperlink or a similar command to copy the URL.
  • Open Firefox and ensure you are already logged into Eloqua.
  • Paste the copied URL into your address bar. Your report should download.

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