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How to Find Email Hard Bounces & Resend

Find out who was excluded from your campaign due to hard bounce. If you had a campaign with a high number of hard bounces, you may want to resend your content to the contacts who didn't receive it the first time.

NOTE: These directions help you resend your campaign if you have many hard bounces to UW addresses that have been reset. Sending to external addresses that hard bounced will not result any more deliveries. If you are seeing soft bounces, do not resend, as Eloqua will automatically keep attempting to send to a soft bounced address.

**Also keep in mind that due to graduation, you may see more bounces than usual. Here is a link to a document that goes through the deactivation of student services processes.**

Find your email campaign's bounces

First, you want to figure out who did not receive your email due to a bounce, or other exclusion such as a previous unsubscribe.

  1. Open the email by going to Assets > Emails and navigating to the email you sent. You must go to the email, not the campaign or segment.

  2. On the right side of the screen, click the graph symbol.


  3. In the drawer that slides open, click Email Analysis, under Insight Reports at the bottom of the list.


    A new tab will open with the report called Email Analysis by Email that contains many metrics about your sent email.

  4. Find the number next to Total Bouncebacks and click it.

  5. When you click the number next to Total Bouncebacks, a little menu with a green running man will open. Click it.


  6. A new tab will open. Click the OK button.


  7. A new window will open with your report. It will show which addresses bounced and the error messages.

  8. Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and export the data (Excel or .csv file).

  9. Once you download and open the spreadsheet, you are looking for contacts that have the bounceback message: must use From

  10. The email addresses that have must use From are the UW contacts that did not receive your email due to the wrong Sender Email Address. These are the addresses that will be reset for you.

  11. Clear out all email addresses that do not have the must use From bounceback message.

  12. Save your spreadsheet with only the UW addresses that have the bounceback message must use From 

  13. You can delete all columns except the email address column. Add on your contact label column. Save your changes. This will be the spreadsheet you reupload.

Upload your new spreadsheet with UW email addresses that bounced due to bad Sender Email Address.

Your spreadsheet only contains email addresses that had the bounceback message must use From, right? And the only two columns in your spreadsheet are email addresses and contact label, correct?

  1. Upload your spreadsheet and add it to a segment using the following directions:
  2. Save your segment.

Duplicate your email

Eloqua will not send the same email to the same address twice. Whether it was a bounceback or an exclusion, it counts as an attempted send and won't work if you try to send the same email. 

  1. Open the email you sent and go to File > Save As.Save it as a new file, ensuring the ID number (string of numbers at end of URL in address bar) is different.


  2. In Email Settings (found in the control panel on the left side of the screen): 
    • Make sure the email group is the same as before in your new email. 
    • Ensure the Sender Name and Sender Email Address are correct. Your Sender Email Address must end in
    • Change the reply-to address and name.
    • If you need more help with Email Settings, please see Eloqua - Email settings when using Design Editor.

  3. Now create and activate a campaign  with the new email and new segment you just created. Make sure you select the new segment and new email. 

  4. Don't forget the Presend Checklist!

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